Lace Me Up

by Patricia C Vener.
(Connecticut, USA)


It took nine months to create but less than a few minutes to name.

Last year an online bead weaving acquaintance created a competition which specified bead weavers choose one of several dozen images of haute couture as inspiration and build something wonderful.

My choice was also a challenge I gave myself to use neutral colors.


I did not finish in time but I kept going and the result is a magnificent neck-piece that falls over the shoulders like a small cape (capelette).

There is absolutely no bead embroidery in this piece. The two large Mexican Lace agates (hand polished by a local gentleman) are completely bezeled with bead weaving. I made them first and then the pale ruffles.

Then I began the netted lace using the ruffles as the base. This part took forever!

I put it all together, added more ruff and then made the Vener chain lengths and added them. It’s heavy but well balanced so to be exceptionally comfortable.

It is for sale, of course, and the right person will adore wearing it.

Patricia at work weaving the bead netting

Patricia at work weaving the bead netting

As you can see from the pictures, I am going to have to make a bust especially to show it (and my other larger works) to its best advantage. I plan on using woven wire to create the base form and then something similar to papier mache overlain.

Patricia C Vener
Patricia C Vener
Patricia C Vener’s blog



by: Rena

Oh my goodness, Patricia, this piece is stunning! Your attention to detail is incredible, and pays off richly in designs like this.

Also, I loved seeing the pic of you working on this piece!

Do you ever have gallery exhibitions of your work? Your creations are certainly worthy of it, and that might be a super way for your ideal customers / collectors to find and connect with you.

Thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous masterpiece with us, Patricia!

by: Christa

Patricia, this is stunning, a very Victorian look. You are very creative, I hope it will pay for all the time you put in.

by: zoraida

Patricia you have created an incredible piece of wearable art!

I can’t imagine the labor involved in making this but your talent and creativity is amazing.

Thank You!
by: Patricia C Vener

Thank you, Rena, Christa, and Zoraida, you’ve made my day. (I love accolades and am not too proud to admit it, heh.)

I would love to have a gallery exhibit of my work but so far have been too shy about seeking that out. Although now that someone else has mentioned it (thanks Rena!) I should more seriously consider it. I’ll want to have several works to display as a body of work (as it’s called in artspeak) rather than a few. I wonder how many?

I really love creating these elaborate pieces and they are fun to wear! Yes, they do take quite a lot of time and sometimes I have to put one on hiatus in order to finish other things. Which reminds me, I really need to get back to “Oceana,” it’s been sooooo patient.


Patricia’s super Collar
by: Kate

I’m blown away by your imagination and execution of this and other works I have seen on your site.
They are beautiful and adventurous.
I’m inspired, regards Kate

Sheer artistry
by: Joan

Congratulations on your beautiful work of art! I agree, your work is definitely gallery worthy. I admire your patience and perseverence in creating such an involved piece – my short attention span would never allow it. Guess that explains all the partially finished projects on my work table! 🙂

by: Patricia C Vener

Thank you Kate and Joan.

Truthfully, I have a great many UnFinished Projects waiting for my attention and new ones keep coming up in my imagination. 😉

How to Get Started with Gallery Exhibitions
by: Rena

Patricia and all,

I asked Luann Udell, who has done many gallery exhibitions, if she could share some success tips with us here.

She very kindly sent in such a fantastic, complete writeup that I published it as a separate article:

So You Want to Have a Gallery Exhibition.

Thanks for submitting the artwork that started this conversation, Patricia – and thanks to Luann for sharing her experience and knowledge about exhibitions!

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