KL Jewelry Design Necklace Display

by Kris.
(Papillion, NE, USA)

Display boards loaded with inventory

I needed something that didn’t cost a lot of money and I could get in a hurry. I hadn’t planned to do any craft shows but after I was interviewed by a website they offered to sponsor me, so I thought why not.

I had about 3 weeks to get all my jewelry inventory up to date, price everything, get displays and everything else you need for craft shows.

My husband went with me and I told him I wanted three boards that I would cover in material if he would cut them to the size I wanted and staple the covers on.

Then we looked at copper nails for the pegs and decided on clear push pins that he put in for me.

I bought three plastic easel stands and my display was born.

I have since purchased two camp tables for extra display space on tables and this is the layout I use for every booth.

I think it looks great, but please let me know what you think.



Great Idea
by: Rena

What a fantastic idea, Kris!

Your necklaces are up at eye level, and your display lets you show quite a few of them in a small footprint of space.

I’ll bet you can also arrange your easels in different ways to fit different booth spaces.

Kudos to you and your husband on this clever display idea.

Thanks so much for sharing it!


Necklace display
by: Anonymous

It looks nice, but how stable is it? I’ve had problems with the weight of the jewelry overbalancing easels. Sometimes even an empty board won’t stay in place.

Very Stable
by: Anonymous

I haven’t had a single problem with the easels. Maybe this is because my board are 18″ plywood and measure 2′ x 3′ so they are wider than the bases. Even when I’ve made the easels stand up taller because my space was limited there was not a problem with them tipping.

by: Helene

I like the idea of the easels. How easy would it be to add a hanging weight to them to counterbalance the display boards?

Do you load up these boards with your jewellery at home? Do your boards fold for travel? I have mobility issues, thus this question. Have you had any tipping because somebody has tripped on the easel?

I think I’m going to visit eBay and look for easels. Thanks for the ideas.

Well, that’s what I think.
Helene ~ Glass0Beads.Etsy.com

Looks great!
by: Jamie | Creations by JAE

I love the setup! Might have to steal the idea from you for shows if/when I ever do one!

Creations by JAE

by: Kris

I load the jewelry onto the boards at the show. Takes about 30-45 minutes to set up my entire booth. I have my jewelry sorted in trays according to price so on my boards the prices are arranged in order. I have larger clear push pins lined up in two rows. I haven’t had to use a counter balance and I do have heavy pieces of jewelry on the boards. I arrange according to the weight so I don’t have everything on one side. I put longer pieces at the bottom.

These boards don’t fold. I selected 1/8″ thick plywood (a good quality one), covered it with batting (one layer) and then light gray material. The material and batting are stapled on the back of the boards. They are very lightweight. My easels are plastic and very lightweight. They can have the board holders where I have them or at the bottom for even longer boards. You can even make my easels so they stand on a table rather than the floor. You can adjust the width of the legs so if you have less room make the easels stand taller and take up less room.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Total cost for the three easels and all the things to make the boards was about $150. Easels cost the most at Office Max.

Very Clever
by: DianeLea

I love the idea of the standing easels. I’ve done something similar using table top easels. I used cork bulletin boards and covered them with fabric. I too used the clear push pins. Your display is very clean, simple and different which is sure to attract customers.

by: Anonymous

I purchased some inexpensive easels at Hobby Lobby. It works for indoors, but I haven’t used them at an outdoor show yet.

May I ask where you got your easels and if they’re outdoor sturdy.

Linda B

by: Kris

I got mine at Office Max. They are pretty sturdy and I think they would hold up outdoors but my boards would be the problem. I have my first outside show on the 24th of May and can let you know after that. I plan to put my easels up if there is not much wind otherwise I’ll display all of it on my tables.

Easel display
by: sassy

I am in the process of buying 2-3 easel , i have purchased 2 pre cut peg boards at Lowe’s and wood trimmings to set it up like a picture frame and I spray paited the board and trimming in differrent colors.. i will be hanging the necklances and matching earring on S chain links .. the links will be spray painted also…let you know how it will all turn out..

Using tarps
by: Anonymous

Alot of shows i do are outside and i use a tarp. I know i can hang from out side of tarp but worried if they fall off board or when taken off to look at? If i use a table below you have to reach out over the table to look at, which would be hard for people that are not tall. Is this a good display for jewelry over $40 ?

Great idea
by: Anonymous

I am looking into selling my jewelry at flea markets or other venues. I though this was a wonderful idea. I will give it a try. But I also thought about creating a high display such as screen doors that fold easily. I sell fashion jewelry that needs to be display rather than layed out on a table. I will give it a try and post some pictures on my idea.


Display Boards
by: Kris

I don’t use this display anymore I’ve graduated to tiers and necklace busts but I would not recommend this for outdoor shows. I don’t use my own displays outdoors. I simply lay the necklaces out on the table tops keeping them grouped between necklaces and sets. I use T bars for some less expensive necklaces and for bracelets. For rings I use a ring insert in a jewelry tray. I display my pendants and pins in their trays. For my bracelets I also use the table top to lay out bangle style wire bracelets. I use my earring displays in outdoor booths as well. What I have done is purchase a cheap black sheet; I cut out 3″x3″ squares and sewed up three sides. Then I took sand and put it in zip closed baggies and placed that inside the sack. I sewed up the last seam and then I have little weights that can be placed on standing displays and in the middle of a square earring display. I also clamp my table cloth to the table legs so the wind won’t catch them and flip the table over. Hope that helps.

Display Boards
by: Kris

I got these easels at Office Max. They are pretty good, stronger than the thin ones and the great thing is that you can use them on your tabletop as well.

This would be a great thing to use, you could have a small table for transactions and in your space you can place the boards on the floor, people simply walk around your space shopping.

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