Kismet – A Happy Accident!

by Pat Mulock.
(Livermore, California, USA)

Kismet Necklace | Necklace with Hoop Pendand | Stone and Wire Necklace | Kismet Necklace

I used to randomly purchase items of clothing at different times, never thinking of how they’d go with other things in my closet. Then suddenly, they’d end up hanging next to one another and I’d discover I had an outfit that looked like I’d purposely chosen each piece at one time.

Well, the same thing happened with this necklace. The copper hoop pendant was the first purchase. Several months later came the chain, and finally, almost a year later, the ceramic beads that caught my eye because of the pops of blue against the brown. Then one day, I picked up a box of beading supplies that I’d put aside because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them, and whether it was by chance or kismet, they were all together in one corner.

Great ceramic beads

Immediately I knew I just had to put them together! A few filler Swarovski crystals and glass beads in coordinating tones were all that were needed to create this necklace…. A great autumn accessory.

A bit of copper “bling” is never a bad thing!

Pat Mulock
Itza Girl Thing Creations at Etsy

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