Kim’s Home Jewelry Party Display

by Kim.
(Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Indoor Table Display with Branches at a Home Jewelry Party

I didn’t have a lot of time or money to invest in a jewelry party display for my first show at my friend’s home.

So I came up with using ceramic pottery and vases that I already had, then put in dead branches from the yard.

The branches were great to hang the long necklaces, but the shoppers had to be careful not to poke themselves.

I wouldn’t recommend this for an outdoor display since the branches are difficult to transport and can get blown around easily.



Lovely, Kim!
by: Rena

I love the light, airy feel of your jewelry party display – the white table covering, open branches, etc.

Another excellent point shown here:

At home parties we often wind up using the hostess’ dining room table for our display, which the party guests walk all the way around as they shop. So it’s important to be prepared to display jewelry on all four sides of the table!

Your branches are a great vertical display element for showing jewelry to all sides of the table at the same time.

Thanks so much for sharing this excellent example of what can be done without investing a lot of time or money.

Your attractive, simple display shows how to blend “found objects” and creativity into a beautiful backdrop for handmade jewelry.

Any insights learned from your party
by: frenchelegantjewelry

So how did your party go. Did you have good sales. Any ideas in how you marketed your jewelry party.

Kim’s Home Jewelry Party
by: designs by love

Your display and jewelry are simple beautiful!

I also use branches
by: Melissa

I also use branches from my yard for some of my displays! To make the display more stable I would suggest filling the vases with small pebbles etc. so they won’t be easily knocked over. Also I spray painted my branches, some silver & some white. This gives them a nice elegant look.

kim’s jewelry display
by: sandra trinidad

kim I think your display with the branches is a great idea. It is something I would have never thought of great idea.

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  • barbara barry-nishanian says:

    Branches are good! Using boxes, for me is better. To make your presentation more exciting and professional, you need a change in height. Before you cover the table with a white cloth, arrange in the center of the table 3 levels. I use boxes that transport my stock.Then drape your cloth over the boxes, and you have made “cheap risers” The top riser is where I place my vase of branches, then the branches are up high, and I avoid someone poking their eye with a branch while reaching for a trinket. Also add color that compliments a very special item you are highlighting. I am not a know it all. I just announced in Macon, Ga.( this past Sun. April 6th that I am closing my 69 year old jewelry and art gallery. I welcome , joycines@gmail emails from fellow artist. I know nothing about making the stuff, just retailing and doing shows, so please help me too, as I start trying to create items. Thanks!

  • roberta taylor says:

    I am just starting planning my first party. Please give me some displaying ideals.

  • Hi Roberta, I recommend that you go through these two sections of Jewelry Making Journal:
    Jewelry Displays
    Jewelry Home Parties.
    You’ll find lots of helpful ideas and tips. Wishing you all the best with your jewelry parties! 🙂

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