Just Getting Started

by Darcey Lyn McCallum.
(Vancouver Island, BC Canada)

My Newest Goddess Earrings from Sterling and Gemstones

My name is Darcey Lyn McCallum and I stared making jewellery in March of 2008. I was a huge crafter as a child and then ‘put it all away’, and the creative urge with it until this year, when coincidentally, I was turning 40.

Maybe it was the passage of time that spurred on that old feeling of needing creativity in my life – whatever it was, it is an incredible gift.

You know how people are often asked the question, ‘what would you do for a living if you never got paid for it?’  I could never think of anything to answer to that and now I can. Make jewellery, of course!

I’m just getting started with a small online shop and I am spending lots of time online and learning about marketing – I am SO grateful to this site and other similar sites that are willing to share information to help us all be successful. What a wonderful thing to do!

I’m loving all the new people I’m meeting and contacts I’m making. This is truly a great business. Thanks for the opportunity to share 🙂

Darcey Lyn McCallum
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You’re Rockin’ and Rollin’ for Just Getting Started!
by: Rena

Wow Darcey,

Not only have you gotten started on jewelry making like a rocket – you’re doing fantastically with developing your online presence too.

And I so understand about blossoming at 40! That’s kind of the path I’ve followed too. Two months before I turned 40, I started going in some new creative directions – and really all kinds of other wonderful new things have also come my way during my 40’s.

So far I’d have to say that 40 is by far the best decade! It actually makes me look forward to 50 as well.

I think the joy in being this age comes from living the natural process of becoming more and more your authentic self.

Thanks so much for giving us a peek at your work and how fast you’re progressing, Darcey! Looking forward to hearing more of your success and joy in the future.


Lovely Earrings!
by: TeriB

Your earring design is lovely! Those should fly off your display and into the jewelry boxes of your customers! Great work. Teri

You Go Girl!
by: Anonymous

I am another late bloomer. I had 5 friends under the age of 40 who died within a 2 month period. I didn’t really feel like a grownup but they all died of “grownup” stuff. It really made me think of what was important to me and realize that I might not have that “some day” I always put the fun stuff off til. I now have my own art gallery carrying the work of 35 different artists including myself. I now have my jewelry in about 6 galleries including Tamarack which is a juried “Best of West Virginia” facility. I also have stuff on Etsy and am getting ready to launch a fully functional website carrying all the beautiful things from my gallery. So just take a deep breath, send a small prayer into the universe and just go! Better to not do well with what you love than to trod on through mediocrity only to see the truth when it is too late. If you love it it will come!
Vicki Angotti
Vittoria & Banks, Art For Your Soul

thanks for all the support!
by: Darcey Lyn McCallum

Wow, you guys are awesome. I really appreciate the support and encouragement!

I love hearing your stories about how you started too. You know, a lot of people tend to think ‘competition’ when it comes to other jewellery makers, but I just spent two days at a craft show and I shared a table with my friend, who also makes jewellery. Our designs are so different that our work actually complimented each other and it worked out wonderfully. I think support for each other is key.


Fabulous 40 !
by: Marie

Well Darcey, I think that there must be some creative jewellery hormone that is released at 40 because I started making jewellery about a week after my 40th birthday in April 2008 having never made it before! I used to say that I wished I had a magic wand to show me something that I would be good at that I hadn’t done before and I think this is it. I was given some jewellery for my 40th birthday and thought, hey I could do this! I sold my jewellery at my first craft fair this weekend and it was so exciting. I had fun, a great feedback and made some money too! I am a working mum who is definately considering a new career in jewellery!

40 and fab
by: Darcey Lyn McCallum

Hey Marie,
I did my first craft fair last weekend too! It turned out pretty good for a first. I have a jewellery party booked for this Sunday that I’m really looking forward to. Do you do any of those?

It’s OK to be 40!
by: Anonymous

My name is Rachel, 40, and I am barely into jewelry making and design. At first I tried copying designs to make jewelry for my own use. But something inside me says that I could do something more. I gave it a little twist here and a little twist there, modify here and there and soon enough I’ve been designing my own jewelry and I felt a sense of achievement when I see the adoring looks in the face of my friends. They requested me to make some for them too and I sold them at a friendly price but my jewelry was more than their worth when I see my friends proudly wearing them.

More power to women who believe that there’s more to life at 40.

I love being in my 40’s!
by: Morgans Treasures

I had to comment after reading all of the wonderful comments on this site. What I wouldn’t give to be 40 again. I know one thing , I would have started my Jewelry Business allot earlier.
I had the spark ignite with the birth of my grand daughter Morgan. After 20 years in the Retail Management Business I had lost all sense of myself.
Every day was like the one before. Get up,go to work,come home,go to bed,etc… I had dabbled in jewelry when I was much younger with my Sister. I know that Morgan was an Angel sent to change my life, sent to light the fire that I let go out along time ago. So to shorten this already long story, I started Beading. Then I started beading to sell and I realized for the first time in my life that I had what it takes to be my own boss. Making Jewelry is the most fulfilling job I have every had. I have along way to go, but with sites like this to refer to, I should have no problem getting there.
Thanks for all your tips,

Visit me at www.morganstreasures@etsy.com

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