Just Beachy

by Debra A. Houck (Deb).
(Malvern, Pennsylvania USA)

Just beachy seed bead bracelet

Just Beachy Bracelet – before the change out of the S-Hook

I had a seed bead mix called Beachy (I think) that had wonderful colors of the sea and the sand. I also had a Starfish Slider, usually used on leather or cord bracelets I believe. So, I stitched up a Peyote bracelet with the beach/ocean color mix, using a random pattern, stitched on 2 ribbon ends, and then closed it all with the starfish slider and S-Hook.

DHouck: Just Beachy Serpentine Helms

Serpentine Helms Weave Necklace by DAHLIA DESIGNS (Deb Houck)

Originally, I made my own S-Hook (poorly as shown in the picture), but I think I got it a bit too long and not strong enough, so I found I had a smaller one in my stash, so I opted for that one instead and saved my handmade one for another project.

Simple, but there it is.

serpentine weave necklace

Serpentine Helms Weave Necklace Closeup, by DAHLIA DESIGNS (Deb Houck)

The second entry is made of Serpentine beads in pastels, and freshwater pearls linked together with fine sterling silver wire, and then all 3 strands are attached to a Helms Weave flower I learned how to make on another site. It is then attached to sterling silver chain and toggle clasp. This one reminds me of all the flowers growing in the summertime, large, but light and airy at the same time.

Debra A. Houck (Deb)

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