Jewelry Studio Shipping and Receiving Station

by Sue Runyon.
(Niceville, Florida USA)

Even in a functional space I like having some of my favorite quilts, art and handmade items around

Even in a functional space I like having some of my favorite quilts, art and handmade items around

Notice the bed risers that I've used to increase the height of the table

Notice the bed risers that I’ve used to increase the height of the table

It is such a luxury to have one dedicated, clear, flat surface to pack outgoing orders and to unpack supply orders on.

I raised the table up to waist level with inexpensive bed risers. I placed small pieces of non-slip mat in the top of the bed risers to keep them from sliding around.

When I do a show I use this table and the bed risers so it does double duty then. It’s a 5 ft folding table so it’s easy to take with me.

On the table I keep a paper cutter to trim down the shipping labels / postage that I print off of my computer to fit on my small jewelry packages.

I also have a postage meter, some customs slips for International orders, business cards, packaging tape and a few other supplies.

On the metal shelf unit to the right I keep all of my tissue paper, boxes, padded envelopes, jewelry boxes, pouches and everything else I need for shipping.

Inventory fits underneath so it’s handy to ship as well as some boxes that are packed with lights, tablecloths and display items for shows.

We tend to move a lot for my husband’s job so I’ve never bothered to invest in permanent office or studio furniture.

This will have to do until my husband retires and we stop moving. It is very functional.

I hope you enjoyed the mini tour.

Sue Runyon
Sue Runyon Designs


Shipping and Receiving Area
by: Rena

This is such a gorgeous work area, Sue! I love the quilt on the wall – a lovely homespun touch, and I imagine it helps soften the sound in the room too.

What a great idea to have a space specifically for processing incoming and outgoing packages. I bet it cuts your time tremendously when it comes to dealing with those tasks!

You can even do your personal gift-wrapping there. 🙂

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful setup and ideas, Sue!

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  • Sue, I love the idea of having a space dedicated to shipping and receiving (and wrapping!). I currently use my kitchen island because of the height. NOW, I can set up a space like this in the basement using the bed risers – GENIOUS!!! No more dragging all my supplies out, then putting them away every time I receive an order. I can’t thank you enough! 🙂

  • Arely says:

    I really like the idea of having your own space, I’m just staring with my work space but I have a mess right now!!

  • gothamcat says:

    yes those bed risers come in handy for sure. i have them on a few of my work tables. i even scored and found some that came with electrical/computer outlets so i can plug in a glue gun, work light and a laptop!

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