Sell Jewelry Polishing Cloths and Other Add-On Items

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If you could sell an add-on item–like jewelry polishing cloths, neckwires, chains, etc.– with nearly every customer purchase, your overall profits would increase dramatically.

Add-on sales are items you sell to the customer who has just purchased something from you. This is also known as “the sale after the sale”, and it’s an inexpensive way for you to increase your business profits.

Just as nearly any other retailer offers you related items to go with your purchases (an extended warranty to go with your new appliance; leather cleaner to go with your new boots; inkjet cartridges to go with your new printer; French fries to go with your burger), you too should offer related items to your customers.

In jewelry sales, offer the customer things that go with jewelry use and care. Jewelry polishing cloths are a great add-on item. They’re not expensive, even with your markup, so many customers say “yes” when you offer them one.

Show Your Customer the Add-On in Action

But before you offer jewelry polishing cloths, be sure to emphasize the ease of cleaning and polishing jewelry with them, and the benefits of caring for jewelry. Demonstrate the use of jewelry polishing cloths on the pendant your customer has just decided to buy, giving it a nice shine as you package it up for them. Then ask if they’d like to purchase one to care for their jewelry easily at home.

Other good add-on items are neckwires and chains to go with pendants you sell, earrings to match necklaces and bracelets, and items you’ve marked down for quick selling. Mention the benefits of owning these things (or giving them as gifts), suggest how they will be used, and and then ask the customer if they’d like you to add that in with their purchase. You’ll be surprised at how often their answer will be “yes”!

Use the add-on sales technique on your website too. Suggest options and accessories for each item, either in the item description or in an option box. Consider offering jewelry polishing cloths at the customer checkout point. Make it as easy as possible for customers to choose the extras along with their main purchase. Offer multiple-item discounts and combined shipping as further incentives.

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