Jewelry Photography Success Tips for Your$15 Photo Studio

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Here are some quick jewelry photography success tips for getting the best pictures possible with your homemade $15 photo studio and a digital camera.

First, you’ll need to have a digital camera with the right features to get sharp, clear pictures. For features and recommended cameras, see Digital Camera Tips.

1) Choose a simple background and setting for your picture. Black, white, or neutral grays and blues often work well. Experiment with different stands and props to hold your jewelry in the right position for your picture. You can also use a small amount of modeling clay under the jewelry to stick it upright in the position you want. Alternatively, setting the jewelry up on a clear or frosted acrylic stand will allow extra light to shine under it and enhance its illumination.

A background in a neutral color that contrasts nicely with the jewelry being photographed

2) Set your camera on a tripod and position it for the best angle of your jewelry. It’s nearly impossible to get a clear photo of something as small and fine as jewelry when you hold the camera in your hands. Use a tripod and your camera’s timer and your jewelry photos are much more likely to turn out crystal clear.

3) Turn off the camera’s flash. Use indirect natural lighting if at all possible – such as on a shaded porch in the daytime, or indoors near a window.

4) If natural lighting isn’t enough to illuminate your jewelry for the photo, then use lamps with daylight balanced (or daylight color) compact fluorescent light bulbs. Place the lamps so that they shine on the outside of your photo tent / plastic dome where the jewelry is set up, and experiment with positioning the lamps till you get the best placed lighting.

5) Set the camera’s white balance. If you’re not sure what setting to use, read the instructions that came with the camera. If the instructions aren’t helpful, try the Auto setting.

6) Set the camera’s image quality at “fine”, or whatever is its highest setting to get a really good photo. You can decrease the photo’s size during photo editing, but it’s best to start with the highest possible quality photo.

7) Set your camera on “macro” mode and use the “zoom” feature.

8) Set your camera’s timer and take a great jewelry photo!

Use these success tips as a starting point, and experiment with some techniques of your own to evolve your best jewelry photography system.

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