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by Doug Kelly.

Jewelry Party Games  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

My First Jewelry Party

I am preparing for my first jewelry party. As a man I am wondering if it is going to present any unique challenges?

My preparation began with reading Rena’s tips for jewelry parties and following the links to related topics.

It appears that I have thought of most of the obstacles.

Peachblow Agate Druzy Geode Pendantby Doug Kelly.

Peachblow Agate Druzy Geode Pendant
by Doug Kelly.

The one thing that I am going to have to add or modify is that I feel the status of your hostesses’ invitees is going to determine whether there should be any jewelry party games.

For example, my hostess is retired and she is inviting about 20 (which 15 might actually show) ladies, all also retired.

After having watched my Mom and her “buddies” at various parties, I feel one quick, jewelry related game every 20 minutes is just what the doctor ordered, at least in my thinking.

The hostess is of the same opinion.

Party time!

Party time!

So I would like to poll others here who have had jewelry home shows:

Do you do jewelry party games –

and if so,
what kind of games do you use?

(Please share your comments below.)

I was going to try a “silent” auction for one game.

Jewelry party games, anyone? (Blue copper turquoise and sterling silver earrings - J.D. Kelly Jewelry.)

Jewelry party games, anyone? (Blue copper turquoise and sterling silver earrings – J.D. Kelly Jewelry.)

Also something like taking the letters in the word “jewelry” and seeing how many other words you could come up with – I have some under $20 gifts and I could use a store gift certificate for that one.

OK, let’s hear it – am I nuts or on the right track?

Doug Kelly

J.D. Kelly Jewelry


Party game ideas.
by: Martha

I like to have the guests do games that make them interact with the jewelry.

One game is to put several pieces of your jewelry on a tray, let everyone get a good look at the tray, and then have them write down as many pieces of the jewelry as they can remember. The one who describes the most pieces accurately wins.

Another game I call “Celebrity Jeweler” is to pass around picturs of famous celebrities cut from magazines, so each jewelry party guest gets one celebrity. Then each guest has to pick out a piece of jewelry that her celebrity is most likely to wear. Then each guest explains (this often gets fun and silly) why her celebrity loves that piece of jewelry. Then have the guests look at the back of their celebrity photos. One of the celebrity photos has a small mark (such as an x or star) on the back of the photo. The guest who has that celebrity wins. (If you want to keep using the same celebrity photos for several parties, you can laminate them or glue them on cardboard to make them more sturdy).

Good luck at your party, I know you’ll do great!

Great Idea
by: Doug

Thanks Martha!

jewelry party games
by: Lisa

I like holding a jewelry scavenger hunt party game. I hand each party guest a slip of paper that has a clue describing one of the pieces of jewelry in my display table, like “amethyst earrings” (that guest just has to find any pair of amethyst earrings in my disply). Each guest’s clue is for a different piece of jewelry. The first person to find a piece of jewelry that fits the description on their slip of paper, wins the game!

Sometimes I also switch jewelry party games around so the last person to accomplish the activity is the winner!

Yes,I do it,too!
by: Jenn

I do jewelry parties and have games at them. It’s hard to think of jewelry themed games so I just use ones I have found on the internet and so far people have seemed to like them.
One game I played at my first party was a purse “treasure hunt” where I picked items that the ladies may or may not have in their purses and the one with the most won. (Just make sure your hostess tells everyone to bring their purses if you’re going to do this one. =} )
Best of luck!

Jewelry Party Games – Thanks
by: Doug

Jenn and Lisa – thanks for the input. I am still up in the air about it because I keep reading on the Internet that I shouldn’t; one of the reasons was for the party format, open house, I wouldn’t need it. Over a 3 hour period guests come and go without the feeling of need to stay.

Which brings me to another question: Does everyone use a “guest registry?”

I have a few more questions, but I have to read Rena’s various categories to make sure they haven’t been “asked and answered.”

Nix to games
by: Joan

Doug, I have done a number of jewelry parties in people’s homes and never found the need to do party games. Frankly, I think it’s hokey. Usually, the hostess has food and refreshments, and the women like to snack and converse with the others. I also get involved to a degree in conversation. Before you know it, people are perusing the jewelry and making their purchases. I say “nix” to the games.

by: Tanya

I’m also planning my first party, but it is in the “open house” format and the quests will be middle aged working women. I asked the host some questions before deciding on the format. She said they mostly enjoy talking and hanging out in a relaxing atmosphere (probably with drinks in hand), so I will have door prizes only, which will include some original earrings that are not available for sale. I’ve also paired up with a licensed massage therapist who is offering massages, so one prize will be a 5 minute chair massage.

Shopping Game
by: Anonymous

I actually had a party last nite, and the only games were seeing “what looked good on who’? If you have a group of women who enjoy chatting, drinking and shopping, you will be fine.

One thing I would suggest is having a variety of fashion magazines around for your guests to browse.

Hopefully, there will be pieces in the magazine that will inspire your guest to find something in your collection that’s even more “lovely”.

Enjoy and keep track of who is at your party, follow up after the event.

by: Kim

I have had open house style jewelry parties, and I haven’t done games at all. However, my first one, everyone showed up at the same time and sat down like they were ready for some sort of “demonstration.” So I understand while you might want to do a couple games because I think depending on the age of the attendees, they may be expecting that. (When that happened I just did a little welcome and a little bit about myself and that was enough for everyone to start shopping!)

by: Doug

Thank you all for those great comments. I am really leaning toward the “open house” model with no games, just a door prize.

I know my enthusiastic and energetic hostess would rather have a “party” (she is so outgoing and flamboyant), but if I tell her it will make her more $ toward jewelry, well… Heck the day I approached her about hosting a party she purchased over $100 worth of items.

Reading through the posts all over here about parties, I have formulated my plan for my parties. If you want to read them, go to my website and read the section, Home Jewelry Parties, under the Jewelry Parties link at the top of the page.

Also, if you’d like, I have a blog and if you’d like to follow (Rena did) I will gladly reciprocate. My blog is at

Thanks again!


by: Doug

Sorry, I screwed that up, there is no www in front of the blog URL, it’s just


Thank you for bringing this up!!
by: Janine G.

I have been thinking about getting rid of the games. The first few parties I did, I had 3 games per party, Some jewelry related, some not. I am a bit shy so these were good for me in the beginning to get myself comfortable.
I gave away really inexpensive pieces I made myself(BIG MISTAKE).
I actually heard the woman who won say “Oh good! Now I don’t have to buy anything!!” and she left. This happened to me twice. I then got smart and bought cute things like wooden jewelry boxes or lotion at the dollar store. Then I heard later a guest complained about the prize!! really!
So I like the idea of an open house showing. How is the raffle done? Do you use the raffle info for your mailing list?

by: Doug

Janine – thanks for your input.

As far as a raffle goes, I was going to hold a raffle to benefit a selected charity (one a month) and send the proceeds (or give in person), 100%, to the charity.

Absolutely you use the info collected to market to (email or regular). The other thing is I am going to get the local newspaper to cover the drawing and check presentation with photo. Great PR plus a tax write off. This about the only time I give cash. It is always more to my advantage to give away the jewelry.

I have businesses (like banks and hardware stores) that I will rotate each month who “host” keeping the piece (pendant on chain around a black velvet bust) and collecting the raffle money )actually they just monitor the raffle collection box (non see through) and I keep an ample supply of raffle tickets. I collect name, phone, address and email. Businesses are more than happy to host the raffles because it pulls people to their store/bank.

jewelry party games
by: Julianne – Renzianni Designs

I have done a few very successful jewelry parties and get loads of positive feedback about the demo I begin the evening with. I work in Art Clay Silver, and the medium is different from traditional metalsmithing, so I start the party with a demo of forming, firing a piece with a torch and hand finishing it right there in front of everyone. After the party-goers see what it takes to make each component, they appreciate the jewelry more, and have a new appreciation for the quality. The customers want to see the artist at work. A little education goes a long way, especially if you have a bunch of one of a kind pieces. If I don’t take the time to do a demo and answer questions, I sell fewer pieces. Hope this is helpful.

by: MEL

I do a door raffle I also play the guess the birthstone of the month I print the months of the year on a slip of paper and pass them out who ever gets the most right wins an earring stand I purchase for under 1.50 I aslo raffle a 5pc set of jewerly selling tickets at $1.oo each and the perfect guest game is always a hit being that i keep it a secret till the end of the party !

great ideas can u help me too?
by: Anonymous

i do alot of Jewelry and my neice’s friend is having a birthday party. My neice (Abby) says we should have FUN games not only just making the braceletts. I have chosen a cheep bracelett from my collection to be a prize for a game. The problem is i don’t know any jewelry games for 12-13 year old girls. I’m sure they won’t want any CHILD-ISH games but something fun! 🙂
ps there’s almost 15 girls!!!!!

games for teens
by: Julianne

Maybe a jar of beads and they have to guess how many are in there…teen girls are not usually thrilled with being put on the spot, so this would be a good quiet game they could do amongst themselves. You could do another one where you cut out photos from teen magazines and have them identify their idols by the jewelry they’re wearing (black-out their faces in the photos)- or at least try to guess. Then you could do the same with musicians…hmmm, what else? Maybe cut out photos of jewelry from movies and have them guess which movie it’s from…you get the theme going here…hope this is helpful!

More jewelry party games for teens
by: Rena

Here’s another discussion thread on jewelry party activities for younger guests:

jewelry party games for girls and teens.

Jewelry party game ideas please!
by: Anonymous

I’m hosting a jewelry party for women and I need some game ideas. I want them to be giveaway games or like free shipping games but i have no ideas..any suggestions??? please go into detail!

jewelry party games
by: Anonymous

I have been doing jewelry parties for a little over 3 yrs now and I always do fun games! Women are usually the guest at these parties and they love to laugh and have fun! I play the purse game by calling out a letter, I play a ice breaker game that I call “move over”- i ask them jewelry related queations like: Do you prefer silver over gold? and if any answer is yes then that person(s) is to move over one seat to the right. This can cause a lap pile up, but very funny! The best game yet to get people loosened up. My last party I played my move over game and I think the 80 yr old lady laughed the most( she didnt play but loved watching, hahaha). I want people to always walk away from my jewelry parties thinking thats fun & having a feeling of I cant wait until the next one 🙂 Good times means great purchases!

Party Games & Gifts
by: Anonymous

Why not give a voucher for a dollar value as a prize and then they have to spend it at your party. SOmetimes its just the incentive they need to start buying

Games! 🙂
by: Anonymous

I do games at all my jewelry homeshows and the ladies have so much fun! To me, it takes the pressure off the guests and it makes it more of a girl’s night out than a “jewelry show”, which can be intimidating to some women. The low pressure atmosphere along with the fun time that we have with games and refreshments also makes other women want to book their own show because it’s not just about buying jewelry – it’s about having fun with the girls and getting out of the house. I highly recommend games. Even if they have nothing to do with jewelry and are just fun icebreaker games. The jewelry sells itself so it’s not necessary to make the whole show about buying jewelry.

Games for Jewelry Parties
by: Rena

Thanks so much for these great ideas! The voucher idea is excellent – when people get any kind of a gift certificate they often spend the whole certificate amount plus some of their own money on the shopping spree. :o)

And to Anonymous who posted just above me here, thanks so much for the viewpoint of just getting together with the gals and getting out of the house. I appreciate that insight.
Fun Game
by: Anonymous

I was at a party the other day and a lady had put a piece of paper in about 8 baloons and each one had a prize on it…$10 off purchase or buy any item for $10 etc i cant remember all of them and then she blew them up if you want to book a party you pick a balloon and pop it and you get whatever prize is in the balloon at your party…it was fun to watch people pop the baloons and be scared…lol

Been on both sides
by: TGirl

I’ve been on both sides of the homeshow spectrum, selling and buying. My favorite shows are the ones with games. Not necessarily game after game after game, but maybe three or four games spread over a couple hours. That way there is time for fun and there is time for visiting and shopping. The thing about these parties is that many of these women get together, drink some wine, and visit and the games are a great way to bring the focal point back to what they are really there for, which is to buy your product. I also found that using coupons or gift certificates was great for prizes, but always make sure that the gift certificate is less than what your least expensive item is. That way, no matter what, they have to spend some money. If they have to spend a little money, even if it’s only like $5 then they are more likely to think about adding another piece to that purchase since they have to break open that wallet anyway. I do recommend keeping the games jewelry-oriented except maybe your ice breaker game. That one can be anything because it’s just to get the girls comfortable and socializing. Get creative with it. Maybe do pictionary and have them draw jewelry or terms related to jewelry and then give them a small sales pitch about an item between each drawing. Or maybe come up with your own version of deal or no deal! My friends always look at these parties as a night out, not just a shopping thing. So try to make it a mini-event. That’s my recommendation.

Jewelry Party Games
by: Rena

Thanks so much for sharing your insights, TGirl! Very helpful.

Party Game for young or old!
by: Anonymous


I just started doing some parties of my own, ive found that this particular game works well, the young kids can run around for it, but the older peoples parties have no need to, they can remain seated.
the idea is to write down a list of items, things that can be found in teh room, or on a person ie a shoe, a bracelet, a hairbrush etc…
the winner (or team) is the first to bring the item you requested to you. the kids can run around like crazy trying to find things. but the older generation get just as competitive! especially if you base it around things that they might have in their handbags, you’ll hear the frustraited ‘i ALWAYS have a hairbrush in my bag, i cant believe i took it out this morning…etc’ its great cos you can adapt it to whatever your theme is. also, items like shoes/socks for teh kids is great, even funnier if you say ‘someone elses shoe/sock’, gets them to burn off some energy too!

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