Jewelry Page on Facebook: Tips Needed

by Sheila Meador.
(Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

question-mark-tan-on-red-grungeI’ve had a jewelry page on Facebook for a year just to showcase designs. I invited my friends to “like” it, and they did. However, through the year, I noticed that I was the only one who viewed the updates.

The Pages app that reports the viewer traffic said so. Yet when I post a new piece of jewelry on my personal page lots of people like it and comment.

That’s where I’ve been getting feedback, and several folks end up buying from me via my personal email (not on Facebook).

I would appreciate comments and suggestions from those who have a successful FB page on how I can improve traffic. Are you paying for special features?

There is a link on my page to my site, but only 2 or 3 have used it to buy from me. Please send help.


Sheila Meador
Che Che’s at Storenvy

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