Jewelry Packaging for Brand/Visual Identity

by Jessie McCann.
(Jessie McCann Handcrafted Jewelry)

Jessie McCann’s Jewelry Packaging

Last April when I started my jewelry business on Etsy, I was faced with a challenge that most of my clients had to face – to create a brand identity or a visual identity for a business.

This time, however, it was for my OWN business.

First, I listed everything I needed to produce, such as: business cards, earring cards and price tags in case I ever needed them for home parties or craft shows.

After I figured out what the costs were to print separate items, I decided I could save money by designing one card I could use for multiple purposes.

I designed my business card in a way that I can convert it into an earring card by punching two small holes right below my logo. The standard business card size is a perfect size for all of my earrings.

When I need to make price tags, I cut off the top part of my business card, punch a small hole and tie a piece of cotton thread through it.

Voila! I have a price tag. I write the price on a label and stick it on the backside of the card. The UV coating on the back of the cards allows me to easily apply or remove the labels.

I then applied the same look and feel to my “Thank You” card and Gift Certificate.

I used to put my jewelry inside an organza bag when I shipped it.

I switched to gift boxes last fall feeling that the gift box is sturdier and the presentation is nicer.

And again, I applied the same look and feel when I designed the labels for the boxes.

I use the small labels to seal each package before I ship. I want my customers to feel that the package they are about to open is very special.

With careful planning, you can create attractive branding at minimal cost.

I’d like to hear what you think.

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What a difference a unified visual identity makes!
by: Rena

Everything is so well thought-out and beautifully done.

Your printed materials all speak of high quality products and a business that pays attention to details.

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely jewelry packaging and brand identity here!

I love it!!
by: Jan

Hi Jessie, what a really practical idea! So professional looking too. I like the idea of using the top part of the cards as a price tag because it looks more uniform and what a saving! I know because I purchased my own personalized jewellery price tags and they cost about 15p each and the metal off the jewellery marks them. When I run out of mine I’ll be taking a leaf out of your book if you don’t mind. Thanks so much for sharing:)xx

by: JAN

PS your jewellery is beautiful:)

by: PaT de Verre

Thank you for sharing your excellent ideas in jewelry packaging.
It is surely a best in your business.
I have to follow your good advices.

jewellery packaging and visual identity
by: Lisa Gurr

Thses are some great tips, I have recently started my own business in the uk and I have bought cheap business cards from an online provider, but they are not quite right, not the look I am realy looking for , for my jewellery.

So I am going to look into your idea’s.

Thank you for sharing them with us.

Gorgeous & Inventive!
by: Tracy

This is the most clever and thought out marketing and packaging I have come across. Bravo!
I am curious though what you do with the excess part of the business card that you cut off the top for price tags? I am all about conserving resources so I thought I’d ask.

Keep up the great look!

Earring Cards
by: Belltown Beads

I love your designs and idea for using your business card as an earring card. I also do that and I wanted to share that if you purchase the small earring card adapters for the back you can hang them right from an earring display. I get mine at

Jewelry Packing/Identify
by: Anonymous

That is absolutely a brilliant idea and so creative! I will try it immediately once I finalize my own id or logo. Thanks so much.

Love your style!
by: ALN Designs

I just love the overall look of your cards and packaging. The combo of the soft blue and the brown box and ribbon looks so fresh.

Thanks so much for sharing your clever ideas. I too use my biz cards as jewelry cards, and have stickers on my boxes. But never thought to design the cards to double as price tags by cutting off tops, or to package with tissue paper and use the sticker to fasten the paper. I am definitely going to start doing that. I’m also going to add the ribbon. It’s a small touch that adds so much. I’m a big believer that packaging has a big impact on perception.


Jewelry Packaging
by: Butterfly226 Jewelry Designs

Love your jewelry and the packaging is terrific too. You pointed out things/details I hadn’t thought of, very helpful.

So professional
by: Lisa

Congratulations on a really professional look. Not only is your jewellery beautiful, but the packaging finishes off the whole range.
Thank you so much for sharing these lovely ideas.


by: Janine Gerade

Love your packaging! I was wondering where you print your labels or do you print your own?

Me again..
by: Janine Gerade

Just saw your site-really neat stuff!! I was wondering if I could purchase just some personalized sterling tags for my daughter & Mother in law?

by: Dee

The versatility of your cards is stunning!! what a great idea and how creative. Love your presentation and your jewelry…Great job!

Acid Free Paper
by: Anonymous

Where did you find cards that are acid free for your jewelry?

by: Jessie McCann

Good question. At the beginning, I do not know what to do with them. Lately, I start to offer my handstamped jewelry, I am planning to utilize those bottom to display my pendant necklaces. It works out perfect.

I punch a hole on both sides about 1/4″ down or so from the top, then cut a slit in a 45 degree angle, there is my necklace card that holds my pendent beautifully, and store the rest of the chain behind the card. I can then put it inside the gift box. I am updating my business card to accommodate my new line of jewelry for retain display. Thanks!


To Janine Gerade
by: Jessie McCann

Thanks! Feel free to visit my website on


Acid Free Paper
by: Jessie McCann

The paper stock for the business card is acid free. Thanks!


Very Attractive Packaging
by: Ann

Your packaging is very lovely – I currently use handcrafted paper pouches, but am thinking of changing to boxes for extra protection when posting so this has given me lots of food for thought.



Great Ideas on the Packaging
by: Shelley


Thanks for the ideas on the packaging and I love your etsy store. I love your stamping style – different from what you normally see. Think I might have to stop back and purchase some gifts . . . .

by: Brittany

I love this idea and I am in the process of implementing it myself! Thanks for the idea! I was wondering exactly what you are using on the back of the business cards to allow them to hang on a rack and where can I find them? Thanks.

by: rene’e davis

professional– i can see that you put alot of thought into this.

by: Denise

And thank you for your fab ideas!!! love them.
Would you be so kind and tell me where you buy the lovely soft brown boxes you use to package your jewelery.
Regards Denise

by: Brenda

I have one word…
I use these mini cards for all of my jewelry tags. They are awesome!
I have them pictured on my site at

Great Earring/jewelry card post
by: KayzKreationz

Thanks so much for this post. I really enjoyed all the ideas about how to make these as well as making your whole line similar to brand your things. It was very interesting and informative and gave me some good ideas about how to do this for my Glass Kreationz and Jewelry.

Always Looking For Great Ideas
by: Quenette from MojaTu

Thanks for the great article. Always looking for creative ways to save money and be resourceful. This was great. Off to recycle!

Display ideas
by: WillieMae

Hi Jessie,

Thank you for your idea. It’s funny how sometimes things don’t click. When I wanted to take a picture of my earrings I’d take a card, bend it a little at the bottom so it would stand, and then put two pinholes in the card and put the backing of the earring through. It never accured to me to do the same to my busniess cards. I just tried it and to works well. Reading your suggestion let me know I was on the right track all along.

I have a craft show I’m selling at and now I’m one step closer to making my designs look professional.

Thank you.

Great ideas!
by: Kathy

Hi Jessie,

I also make my business cards and designed similar earring cards, what a great idea to design one that covers 3 needs! I need to make new cards and will definitely consider using this idea.


by: Lynne Hackett

Jessie McCann,

Wow. Gorgeous ideas for gift wrapping….

Need help packaging my items
by: Nini

Your ideas are very practical and I’d like to learn cheap yet attractive ways of packaging.

I have an online shop in Facebook, and if you could take a look at my items and give me ideas how to package them, that would be super awesome! 🙂

Here’s my online shop –

Thanks so much! 🙂

Graphics NEW
by: Sarah

Your graphics on your packaging and business cards are delightful. I enjoyed them and your ideas. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Business Cards NEW
by: Pat from Houston

What company does your business cards and is there a special type of coating on them?

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