Jewelry ID Tags: What’s the Best Design?

by Beth Blanc.
(Cummings, Georgia US)

Can you provide me some insight on the best way to design a jewelry ID tag; the kind that identifies one’s work?

“The Smell of Spring” Czech Glass, Swarovski and Sterling, mulit stranded bracelet & earring

My company name is Beth Blanc Designs, so I’m in a bit of a quandary because my company name is rather lengthy and the tags are so small. My branding information / logo consist of a scripted letter B and stylized butterfly.

“Emma” Vintage Button clasp, lampwork, black onyx, Thai Silver, Swarovski Crystal, Smoky Quartz

I am considering using only the scripted letter “B” but I am not sure that will be enough brand recognition. I’m really wracking my brain on this one. If I use my entire company name, I’m concerned it will be so small that it will not be legible.

“Serenity” Jasper, peruvian opal, smoky quartz, rose quartz, blue quartz, copper, hand forged clasp

Some general design principals would be great and opinions on my dilemma would be fabulous!

“Marley” Lemon Quartz, Thai Silver, Porcelain, Swarovski Crystal, Smoky Quartz

Thank you Rena for creating such a terrific blog. It’s a really terrific resource!

Beth Blanc
Beth Blanc Designs

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  • Anna says:

    How about featuring the two B’s with the outer lines of a butterfly wing ‘hugging’ the B’s. Like (BB) but the parenthesis would be shaped like wings. Or you could make one B backwards to create symmetry, and the shape of butterfly wings. Just some thoughts!

  • Dar Miller says:

    Ooo, yes, I like the idea of the two B’s back to back…perhaps with a couple of “antennas” above the B’s? Gorgeous designs, by the way!

  • Jeanine C says:

    Whatever you choose, please check the federal trademarking laws. i believe your mark has to be registered as a trademark.

  • Lee Ann Hinskey says:

    The first thought that popped into my head was the two b’s back to back as Anna said!! Scary!! Post a pic when you get it completed so we can see! I know it will be gorgeous!!

  • Beth Blanc says:

    Thanks for ideas ladies. It’s funny that two B’s back to back in opposite directions was mentioned. That was the original idea that I had for my logo but my sister-in-law, who is also my Graphic Designer, thought that it would be hard to read and wouldn’t get me the brand recognition that I needed, hence the butterfly idea. I haven’t had much time to work on my tag project lately, but I will be back on the task soon and I will update you all when I make my decision.

  • Kathy Zee says:

    You can use the two B’s but make one capital and the other a smaller B, or use two different types of fonts back to back on the two letters, or make one lower than the other back to back.
    Hope you come up with something. My graphic designer is great and if you want I can give you her info. Look at my Logo. She designed it for me. She’s very creative.
    Kathy Zee

  • Debbie Bobby says:

    Just make sure your back-to-back Bs don’t look like the Bill Blass logo!

  • Linda says:

    I love the first one, how did you make that?

  • Teri Steinborn says:

    Great answers everyone! I too, thought of the back-to-back “B’s”, as well as the butterfly image… hummmm. …great minds and all that, right? The only difference in my idea is that the B’ are capitalized but the bumps are made into wings…

    So, now I do have a question. Does anyone know of anyone that will fabricate a hallmark? I did speak with Dino (I believe that’s why I spoke with. ..he is the mgr.) at Metalifferious, and they WILL make them AND their price , too me anyway, at $125.00, seems pretty fair. I’m just curious if anyone know of anyone else who may chatge less.

    Finally, (geez! I sure am chatty!) I would love the info on the woman that did the work for the woman that was offering to share her info… I would be so grateful if you would forward it to me at the following:
    steinborn13 (at)

    Thank you all for sharing and have a FABULOUS 2016!!

  • Pam Dudrow says:

    Hi Kathy Zee! I, too, would love to get in touch with a recommended graphic artist. Would you be so kind to forward her email to me. Or mine to her?. Thank you so much. This site is such a wealth of information!
    Jescojewelry @

  • Emmy says:

    Great suggestions from everyone. My thought was ‘BB dsgn’ or another abbreviation for designs (go to for other abbreviations) with your butterfly. Please share your decision.

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