Jewelry Hobby to Jewelry Business: What’s the best way to move forward?

by Prakruti.

Prakruti: Jewelry Hobby to Jewelry Business: What's the best way to move forward?  1
First of all thanks a lot for sharing useful and handy stuff to this community, it really helped me when I thought about publishing my work.

Prakruti: Jewelry Hobby to Jewelry Business: What's the best way to move forward?  2

I am new to the professional jewelry making and as a part of hobby I used to make some beaded stuff for me. Though it never included anything else but string and beads and the kind of accessories that everyone can make.

Few months back when I thought about making something new for myself, I learned some basic wire techniques through online videos and tutorials and made some pieces to match with my casual outfits.

Prakruti: Jewelry Hobby to Jewelry Business: What's the best way to move forward?  3

Although I want to start a small business of handmade fashion jewelry, I am always in a confusion of “what to create next”.

It was really simple to create something to match with my outfits. And as it was for myself I never had a thought what if it does not look good and what if people do not like it.

Prakruti: Jewelry Hobby to Jewelry Business: What's the best way to move forward?  4

Plus, I see many new things, new techniques online. So, at a point of time I think about learning everything, but on other hand I think about learning it while setting up business.

Any suggestions on the best way to proceed are greatly appreciated.

I recently started blogging and on some of the social media to showcase my work.

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  • Debra says:

    The best advice I got from a jewelry making friend was to make certain everything I make to sell I would wear myself, both in design and quality. Your own voice will sing through your work, and that will be your finest selling point.

  • Prakruti says:

    Thanks Debra, I do the same 🙂
    I like wearing my handcrafted jewelry. I walk tall when I wear them, does not matter if it is small stud earrings or a long gemstone necklace.

  • KathieL says:

    As I am learning, recently down-sized from corporate America, you need to put your whole heart and soul into your business. Please do yourself a favor and purchase Rena’s books. They ARE worth their weight in gold. I was a hobby-biz person for many years… Now I am FINALLY getting to live my dream….. I suggest you network (like you are doing) and be totally positive – it will relay to your customers! Much luck is wished to you!!! Please keep all of us posted – good wishes are being sent your way (loads of them ;0)…

  • Prakruti says:

    Thanks KathieL for suggestions and wishes. I will look forward to it 😀

  • Val says:

    You do such beautiful wire work! To grow into a business, I would suggest Etsy. Although it is saturated with amazing designers, it is a perfect place to get your feet wet with its forums, teams, etc. It is great for exposure. I also find that crafters in other fields also support handmade so the customer base is there. As Kathie suggests, Rena is full of very useful information. My biggest piece of advice is to have fun with it!

  • I might not have a popular opinion here, but I would actually suggest to spend more time on learning and practicing instead of jumping into business. I made this mistake, I got so excited when I just started making something cute, and I went ahead and started my business. Now I regret not spending all that money and time (which was a lot) on actually improving my skills and finding my own style. Now I am much more skilled, but I am still spending a lot of time on learning and experimenting, and my business is still here and looks much better, but I am yet to break even because of what I invested in the beginning. And I am also stuck with a lot of my first pieces that no one really was interested in because they weren’t that professionally made, to be honest. Again, this is my opinion (one of hundreds) based on my own experience. Maybe it will help someone. Good luck!

  • Prakruti says:

    Thanks Val, yes, I am so much in love with etsy. And I get inspired by the artists’ work on etsy. I do not feel like creating an online store as of now when I have just started. I don’t know it is just me, or happens to everyone, but ever since I started publishing my designs on social media and a few on blog, I continuously try to make them visible to people and can not concentrate much on new creations. As of now, I am learning few more techniques and exploring the market. I guess I shall look forward selling after a month or so. That’s a what I personally experience.

  • Prakruti says:

    Shirin Designs, yes you are right. I agree with you. When you start learning something new, you are so much excited about it. So as i am. I keep on exploring new designs and techniques, but I spend more time into stuff related to “starting business” rather than “learning” new things. And eventually I end up buying unnecessary supplies, just because they look great. So, finally what I have decided to to spend max time on learning new things. And spend more on learning than on supplies at least for a month or up to the time I am satisfied with my jewelry making skills.
    P. S. I love your designs and the way the have been photographed. Shows your hard-work 🙂

  • I recommend you keep learning designs and begin thinking about your customers and who you want to design for. Get your ideal client in mind.

    If you post on social media, can people buy your designs? Get a PayPal account to do this.

    I recommend getting your own website. Etsy is very saturated, as you know. It’s tough to be seen and noticed unless you have a niche market.

  • daisy says:

    Shirin I agree with you.

    I have yet to start selling anything but have heavily invested in supplies – I must stop buying and start making! It will be so long -if ever- that I make my money back

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