Jewelry Gift Wrap Tips

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Free jewelry gift wrap is a wonderful additional benefit to give to your customers. And fortunately, it can be very inexpensive for you – which makes it an ideal way to make them feel that they got a lot more for their money.

I think gift wrapping jewelry is an essential part of your jewelry packaging.

Jewelry Gift Wrap
Solves Customers’ Problems

Jewelry is a very popular gift to give.

But no one (well, no one I know!) wants to take a piece of jewelry home and hunt for a teeny box to put it in, and then wrap it and find a teeny bow to put on it.

Most people are busy and are completely thrilled to have you relieve them of this tedious part of the gift-giving process!

Mini jars and tins can be a groovy, unisex jewelry gift wrap

The fact that you offer free jewelry gift wrap makes you stand out glowingly among their shopping experiences. It makes them think of shopping from you first the next time they have to give a gift, because you made it so easy and painless for them!

And your elegant, just-right jewelry gift wrap will make your customer look extra wonderful in the eyes of their gift recipient.

So be sure to have a “Free Jewelry Gift Wrap” sign displayed prominently at your booth when you do shows or jewelry home parties, on your website, and in your other literature. It’s definitely a benefit you want to advertise!

Once the piece of jewelry is sealed in its zip-lock bag, you can put it in a velvet pouch, lame’ bag, satin mini-purse, hinged velvet jewelry box, or foil-covered cardboard jewelry box with a stretchy bow or mini-bow.

All of these gift wrap supplies are available from a number of jewelry packaging and supply catalogs and websites.

And don’t forget to put the display card that goes with the piece of jewelry inside the gift wrap!

I gift wrap all purchases, even when I sell jewelry to a woman who is just buying it for herself. It makes a really pleasant impression, and gives her the feeling that she just treated herself to something special.

Think how you’d feel if you bought something for yourself and the vendor gift wrapped it for free before handing it to you, even though they knew you bought it for yourself! Talk about increasing the perceived value of your jewelry.

A gift tag is a nice additional touch. I like to get perforated business cards from office supply stores, in floral patterns or other prints that go well with my jewelry. I punch the cards out and fold them in half (with the floral / printed side on the outside, and the blank white side inside for writing on), to make a small, elegant card that can either fit inside a velvet pouch or satin mini-purse, or be taped to the outside of a cardboard jewelry box.

Now all the customer has to do is sign the gift card and give the gift.

You’ve solved a headache for them, and they’ll come back!

Rena Klingenberg

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  • Lynne Clark says:

    Lovely ideas, but I am confused by your reference to “perforated business cards.

  • Hi Lynne, by “perforated business cards” I meant the sheets of cardstock that are made with 8 or 10 blank business cards you can print up from your computer’s printer.

    The sheet of cardstock has perforated lines so you can separate the business cards by tearing along those perforations.

    They’re available in most office supply stores, usually in a box with several sheets of these blank business cards.

    And of course besides being used for business cards, they’re a good size for lots of other things – such as earring cards, gift tags, etc.

  • carole says:

    I love this gift tag idea!

  • Kathy says:

    Great ideas!!! Makes me want to start using that extra fabric I have stashed away to make or cover boxes. Thanks for sharing.

  • Pia says:

    Hi – love your mini tips.
    Do you know where to buy the mini jars ? I just love them! Online shops, since I am from Denmark : )

  • Kat says:

    I have special business card punches I use so I can mount earrings on them before I put them in mini zip-lock bags. Then I wrap it in tissue paper and in bubble wrap. Then I make an origami box and pack it in that next. Then I put it in a cardboard box. Ships safe and sound.

    One thing you do need to worry about is that Crystals will cut a plastic bag so maybe a strip of painters tape across the bag so that the crystals don’t slice thru it during shipping.

    Sometimes I will even tape the bag to a bit of cardboard for extra safety.

  • Diana says:

    I added gift wrapping to my business at Rena’s suggestion. I use black organza bags and turquoise tissue paper (that matches my business color scheme). I secure the tissue paper with a silver medallion sticker that looks very elegant. The bags are just large enough to hold my business card and a thank you card. For those customers buying multiple pieces (especially as gifts) they wrote the name of the recipient on the back of the business card to keep track. This was a great hit at my last show and on a few occasions it made the sell! When my customers found out that they didn’t have to wrap it, they were thrilled. Thank you Rena for the idea!

  • Sherry says:

    I have a selection of boxes I like to make for my jewelry. Since I make origami jewelry, it works nicely when it comes in an origami box. But there are several easy patterns to be found on Pinterest so even beginniners can make their own. I finish the package off with a special sticker I’ve printed out with my logo. I have several versions, each with a different chiyogami paper pattern for a little extra color.

  • Shailene says:

    Are you by any chance related to Meghan Klingenberg?

  • Hi Shailene, not that I know of. But it’s possible we may be somehow connected. 🙂

  • Suzanne says:

    Love your tips! May I ask why you use a ziplock bag instead of wrapping in tissue then placing in box? Thank you.

  • Sarah B says:

    More great tips as always! Do you have any suggestions for original /different packaging ideas for beach themed jewelry?

  • Sarah, thanks for asking! See this lovely post by Christine from Tears of the Sea:
    Ocean Themed Basket for Sea Glass Jewelry / Beach Stone Jewelry .
    I bet it will spark some ideas for you! 🙂

  • Debi says:

    Hi Rena,
    On pakgs with odd shapes, i.e. Boxes, etc inside a pouch.. Do you write Hand Cancell on the envelope??

  • Hi Debi! If the box, pouch, and/or other contents inside the package are fragile, I would not mail them inside an envelope. I always lean toward shipping jewelry inside an outer box that can withstand a bit of abuse. 🙂

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