Jewelry for Generations – Part 3

by JoAnne.
(Florida USA)

This update is Part 3 in JoAnne’s unfolding story of involving her granddaughters in her jewelry business.

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Summers Sharing My Jewelry Business
with My Granddaughters – Update

My eldest granddaughter, now 20 and away from home, keeps in touch but has her own life and interests.

The youngest is a senior in high school this year. She moved to FL to live with her grandfather and attend much better schools.

She is more interested in the results of jewelry creation than the process now.

Fall display case designed by Joanne’s granddaughter.

She asked that I join her in Florida because she had no adult female to talk with. And that is why I am here.

She also made a career choice shift that surprised everyone, but which we support. She is interested in a culinary degree with a major in baking.

The result is that even though neither of the girls show a current interest in jewelry making, they both learned about the business side and we all built closer relationships.

“Ain’t jewelry wonderful?”

See the temporary jewelry studio JoAnne has set up in her Florida bedroom for the duration of her visit there.



Grandma + jewelry = beautiful memories
by: Rena

JoAnne, I have so enjoyed this series as it has unfolded. It’s wonderful to hear how your granddaughters have grown up and the things they’re interested in now.

And how many people have a Grandma who will uproot and move to another state for them? I’m sure the girls know how very blessed they are to have you.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someday they pick up jewelry-making again in some form. And they’ll always remember the wonderful summers spent working in your jewelry business. What great experiences for whatever they do next!

Thanks so much for sharing this story, JoAnne! Hugs to you and your granddaughters.

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