Jewelry Display for Indoor Show

by Linda Blatchford.

This is one booth set up I used for an 8′ table at an indoor show. On the right side, I use paper ream boxes I’ve carried things in as risers.

April 2014 show

April 2014 show

I put necklace stands on that level and multi-necklace acrylic stands on the table. The multi-necklace stands can be loaded at home and put in plastic bags. I put like items together by colors or types of necklaces.

In the center, I put items that I’m having a sale on, along with my Newsletter signup sheet to win the turquoise gemstone bracelet. That way, I can talk to people and show them items.

I’m too short to stand behind the necklaces and like a clear path to people to hand them my cards and take care of their purchases.

On the far left, I use a black mesh candle holder for my earring cards that are clipped to the holder. This can be preloaded at home before the show and wrapped.

Dec 2013 show

Dec 2013 show

It takes less time for set up that way. I’ve found that people prefer to have 1 necklace on a display, but I’m doing outdoor shows and the single displays that I have are the easel type and they blow over too quickly. I do use them for indoor shows.

Linda Blatchford
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  • Linda B says:

    Thanks so much for featuring my booth displays. I didn’t really talk about the bottom picture.

  • Hi Linda! First I must say that my immediate impression is, WOW! That purple top you’re wearing in the first photo is such a lovely color to wear at your booth. It coordinates nicely with your booth sign, and is a great color against your table cloth and displays.

    Thanks for sharing your great tips for pre-loaded displays; I agree, it definitely simplifies everything! I also prefer to load displays when I have the time and energy to do a good job (which is not when I’m setting up at the show)!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely booth with us! 🙂

  • Linda B says:

    Thanks so much. Guess I’ll have to wear that purple top to my next show.

    I’m linking this story to my Website,

  • Janet says:

    I have eliminated the blow over display problem by making bean bags to weigh them down. Dollar tree sells rocks in a mesh bag…I stuff the whole thing into a fabric cover. They weigh a ton, but they will keep any display intact. I carry 12 in a tote bag to every outdoor show that I attend.

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