Jewelry Color Inspiration from an Unlikely Source

by Maria Hansford.
(The Treasure Chest)

Fruit Punch bracelet by Maria Hansford

As I was born in Italy, on the beautiful Riviera, I always liked vibrant colors. As a child I spent hours coloring and whenever I received as a gift a box of colored pencils I was in heaven!

Another passion of mine was – and still is – reading: I simply love books.

Whenever I come across a book fair or a bookstore I like browsing the non-fiction sections. Time flies and sometimes I come across some “treasures” that give a boost to my inspiration as a jewelry artist.

Smoky Sky necklace by Maria Hansford

Last year I was waiting for my commuter train to go back home from work when I saw at the station a booth selling discounted books.

In the Art Section two small books caught my eye: “Color combinations for the watercolor artist” and “Color combinations for the oil painters”.

They consisted of tables with different color combinations, not just the primary and complementary colors, but different and unusual ones that still pleased the eye!

Dancing Leaves necklace by Maria Hansford

I immediately thought: What a great addition to my collection of inspirational aids!

Being discounted books the price was very reasonable, besides all the new successful jewelry I created being inspired by them, made that a great buy!

Maria Hansford
The Treasure Chest


by: Kathleen Davis

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color combination in this bracelet. Looks so yummy. And what a great idea to get color schemes from a book on painting. Thanks for sharing.
Kathleen Davis

Yummy is right!
by: Michelle

Kathleen’s right – yummy! They look scrumptious!

Beautiful Color AND Textures
by: knightsparkle

I adore your inspired color combinations, but I also love the way use use shape and texture. Beautiful!

beautiful work
by: Barbara

I second, third and fourth the comments re colour and sheer edible yumminess.

And that art/instruction books are wonderful resources for colour. I extend that to say specific paintings would be good sources of inspiration.


Thank You!
by: Maria Hansford

Thank you for all your kind words!
Yes, I agree, specific paintings can be a great source of inspiration….and even a specific painter.
My favourite is Monet.
I designed a few pieces inspired by his paintigs and named them after those masterpieces.

by: Virginie

This bracelet is absolutely gorgeous. I am jealous, I wish I would have done it myself. It is great to find our inspiration everywhere we look. Thanks for sharing.


Gorgeous #2
by: Sally Vonada

First, what a magnificent bracelet! Gorgeous! Second, we never know where we might find inspiration. Just this morning I was checking my annuities website and found the colors on this site very pleasing. I made note of them in a little notebook I keep with me,since I can’t rely on my memory! I have other similar notes in my little book — the design on the wallpaper in the doctor’s office, a shape on the spine of a hardback book, etc.

Beautiful Jewelry!
by: Cindy C

I LOVE that bracelet! I, too, am jealous and wish I had come up with it myself!

You have such wonderful color “sense” — something that I am lacking. I think I will take your advice and check out painting or art books for color advice. Thanks so much for the tip — I never thought to look there!

All the best to you — keep creating those beauties and you’ll be a raging success in no time at all!

Dancing Leaves
by: SterlingCrystal

Hi Maria,

I know you said you liked vibrant colours, and so do a lot of the other people who have commented, but I’d like to say that I am most drawn to your Dancing Leaves necklace. Even though it has a much more sombre palette, you’ve combined the colours perfectly. I think it is beautiful, and shows how you are able to step outside your own preferences (vibrancy) and still succeed.

Sam Ryder

Color combo
by: Jackie

I love your color combo. A bowl of fruit was my very first thought when I saw your piece. Thanks for sharing.
Jackie Pinheiro

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