Jewelry Business on a Boat!

by Miriam D. Grafer.

“Cool Greens of Summer” – Moss Agate Chips and Crocheted Wire

SO WHAT, You live on a boat!!!!!

Well, just like the title of this article says – I live on a boat. But what the title doesn’t say is that I do business from my boat.

How would you do that you ask? Sometimes with great difficulty.

I would like to give you some background information on how I arrived to this point.

I am a retired R.N. with 7 children. About 30 years ago I decided that I needed some type of hobby that would allow me down time after the children went to bed. Crochet seemed to be something that would fit my needs, so away I went. Needless to say after so many years I have made almost everything imaginable in crochet.

I found a book about crochet with wire and beads. Well, this was a whole new idea to me. I had never heard about such a thing. I started with wire and beads and now I have more necklaces than anyone could ever wear in a lifetime. I needed to find a way to make my pieces and so my business was born.

What has any of this to do with business on a boat? Well my husband and I live on our boat for the last 2 years. We have just finished what is called the “Great Loop Trip”. This started on Long Island, New York, where we have a house. We have gone through Long Island Sound – up the Hudson River – through the Erie Canal – Lake Ontario – Canada (Trent-Severn waterway, Georgian Bay and North Channel) – Lake Michigan – Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Cumberland and Tenn-Tom Rivers – Mobile, Alabama – West coast of Florida to the Keys and now we are on the East coast of Florida at Fernandina Beach, Florida.

I crochet my necklaces while at dock, or under way. I sell my pieces on the docks, or if anyone wants to host a jewelry party. I find that because my pieces are one-of-a-kind and quite unique that there is a market for them. I also have an internet site – – it is called “Daily Decisions” – Wire Crochet with beads and semi-precious stones – Unique Handcrafted Jewelry.

If anyone would like to contact me, my email is

Please reply and let me know. If you have any thoughts about how I can get the word out about my business any help would be greatly appreciated.

Miriam D. Grafer
A Daily Decision
Wire Crochet with beads and semi-precious stones –
Unique Handcrafted Jewelry


Lucky you, Miriam! :o)
by: Rena

Hi Miriam,

I love your story of a free-spirited jewelry business that goes wherever the winds and waters take you.

About marketing your work – you might consider using “watery” elements like shells, pearls, and sea-themed charms and offer this jewelry to any waterside businesses you encounter on your travels.

Include jewelry tags telling the tale of your seafaring jewelry business, and other folks who love the freedom of boating will be very attracted to the romance of your jewelry.

Waterside businesses like restaurants, convenience stores, fishing suppliers, grocers, souvenir shops, etc. are all fair game for your work!


Awesome Story! :^)
by: LaShonda

I really enjoyed your successful story and also I agree with the comment that is posted.

It is really nice to see that there is an article about your talent. You have every right to be excited. I am a crotcheter as well, and would have never thought to put those two together. Though my talent in that area is limited, I can appreciate what you do!

by: Bonnie

Hey, Miriam, your article is fantastic – I am so jealous!! And, your work is always lovely!


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