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Jewelry and Coffee with Rena
Video Episode 27

by Rena Klingenberg.

Something to think about when considering jewelry business names:

Transcript of This Video:

Today you may have noticed that I’ve perfectly matched my coffee cup with my clothes and jewelry. 🙂

But what I actually came here to talk about is this interesting question from a jewelry artist.

She wrote in to say,

“How can I name my jewelry business? I make pendants, but I also make other things that are not jewelry. Everyone’s waiting for me to put up a website to see my stuff, but I can’t come up with a name I’m happy with.”

Well, here are my thoughts, and I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.

Naming a Jewelry Business

First of all, for most of us, we are always likely to be changing our products and services as we have new interests, take up new art forms and new tools, new supplies, get new inspirations, etc.

We’re always going to be changing – ebbing and flowing with what we do.

So it’s kind of hard to have a jewelry business name that’s going to encompass everything you’re ever planning to do.

Here’s an example:

When I first started with my jewelry business, I named it “Rena’s Beads” because at that time everything I did was beads.

I was obsessed with beads, and I was just sure that that’s what I was going to stick with for the rest of my life. 🙂

Well, a year later, after I chose that business name, I was already into more wire and other things than I was into beads.

And I’m still a beader, but I also do a lot of other jewelry methods too.

So I wound up changing my business name from “Rena’s Beads” to “Rena Jewelry”.

What I learned is that rather than get really super-specific with your jewelry business name, it’s kind of better to think of your business name as an umbrella that’s going to encompass all the things you’re likely to evolve into with your creative business.

Then you can get specific with a tagline that goes along with your business name – for example:

“Elegant beaded accessories” might be the thing you’re doing this year, so that could be your tagline now.

A year from now you might be doing “Creative, colorful metal jewelry”, and you could have that as your tagline next year.

And that way you can easily keep the same business name on your website, your blog, and all of your printed materials and everything.

You can simply change the tagline to fit whatever the current version of your products and services might be.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – and on how you named your jewelry business, or any trouble you had with changing your mind about what you named it (and needing to re-name it!).

Thanks for joining me today! I’ll see you next time.

Jewelry Business Names, by Rena Klingenberg, Jewelry Making Journal

The Jewelry Rena’s Wearing
in This Video:

Green tumbled glass bead necklace; Czech glass and sterling silver earrings; by Rena Klingenberg

Necklace: Tumbled glass beads, strung by Rena Klingenberg.

Earrings: Absinthe Czech glass beads and sterling silver.

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  • Drake says:

    It took me a while to get to the name of Caminus Vulcani Studios, and I still have people telling me I should change it, but this is how people know me now, and I don’t really want to.

    Since everyone knows me as Drake, my original plan was to set up shop as “Fire Drake Forge.” but I found that someone already had the website for that, and I had to come up with something different.

    I sent out a call to my friends on social media, and asked them for suggestions. Since I am a Graeco-Roman polytheist, one of my friends suggested that I use the name of my patron, Vulcan, in the name of my business. I liked the idea, and decided on “Vulcan’s Forge” only to find that yet again, someone already owned the domain name.

    So I translated Vulcan’s Forge into latin, and wound up with Caminus Vulcani. Luckily this domain was not taken, and that’s where I’ve been ever since. Irritatingly, whoever owns the domain had done nothing with it in the five years I’ve been in business. I tried to buy it once, but whoever the owner is wanted $16,000 for it. Obviously not going to happen.

  • marina says:

    spero si capisca perchè scrivo in italiano.
    io ho scelto il nome “occhio della fantasia” perchè non realizzo solo gioielli ma utilizzo tanti altri materiali come lane fili legno argilla etc.


    I hope you understand why I write in Italian.
    I chose the name “eye of the imagination” because I do not make use of only jewelry but many other materials such as wood wool threads clay etc.

  • Deborah Rothman says:

    I am in the midst of changing my jewelry business name. It is currently dr designs, I was never really happy with it. My dad just passed recently and I would love to honor him. His great love was fishing. I am changing my name to Fishermans Daughter Designs. I love your idea of being able to change the tags under your Jewelry Business name as your creativity changes over time. Thank you for this great site and for all your helpfull hints.

  • Val says:

    I was all over the place when I started out because I was dabbling in other crafts as well! My nickname at work was always “Miss Val”. So I simply came up with the business name of Miss Val’s Creations since I was not sure of my direction. Today I am also a carrier of supplies so I add this under my shop name online as well as on my business cards so customers can understand what I do. I do think having a broad name is best since we evolve over time with our creativity. I love Rena’s suggestion of changing the tag line over time.

  • Bev Carlson says:

    I’ve changed my business name 3 times and my focus several times. The first was BMC Creations (BMC my initials) then to Bev’s Jewelry because someone else had Since my focus then (and still is mostly) chain maille I chose Even though I now make more wire work designs in addition to the chain maille. I dropped Bev’s Jewelry since I noticed using a return address label of Bev’s Jewelry on my packages really announced what was in the package. Jewelry sitting in someone’s mail box, I thought was not a good idea. Anyhow, I’m sticking with Ring by Ring Designs – at least for now. 😉

  • Janet says:

    My company name came about because when I started making jewelry I only made earrings from polymer clay; so my name was originally Earart. However, after I really got into jewelry-making I realized that Earart just didn’t encompass all that I do, so I changed my name to EarArt ‘n Things and that lets people know that I not only do earrings but all other jewelry and other art.

  • Coral says:

    I found this really interesting, as I also make all sorts of different things, and wanted a name that wouldn’t be too specific. As I live on an island, I chose Seaspray Designs, and that covers my jewellery, silk scarves, mirrors etc. I do own the domain name, but still never seem to have time to actually create the site!
    I sell in a few local premises, and find it interesting when someone visits the pottery the day I’m there making jewellery, and remarks on having seen one of my other items elsewhere. It’s the labels and the name they remember!
    I think it’s a good idea to go with something non-specific that can cover your evolution, as so many of us change what we’re producing over time.
    Good point also about not making the name really obvious on any packages you will be posting out. My main semi-precious gem supplier – a large company – sends out the strands in bubble wrap inside a very plain and boring grey plastic bag, or very occasionally a box, and there’s nowhere on the packaging that draws any attention to what’s in it. If a big company like that are deliberately avoiding having any advertising on their parcels, then they’ve got a good reason for it!


  • Tamara says:

    The name of my business, Pink Pearls by Tamara, is symbolic, although I do love my pink pearls, and I explained how that name came about in a post here a while back. I do use, not a tag line because mine is longer, but a description of my products, which, like you said, can be modified over time. Currently, my description says “Feminine and romantic jewelry collections created from luxurious mixed materials and featuring pre-loved elements. Specializing in unique and reversible lace jewelry, and inspirational pieces incorporating embroidered words.” That pretty much encompasses the important details that I want to bring out, and it’s taken me a while to get to this point of clarity about the focus of my line. And I’m sure it’ll continue to evolve!

  • Diane says:

    I have still not come up with a name I seem to like for my jewelry business. I’ve tried several and though they fit me they don’t fit with the idea of nice jewelry. My latest is D.E.W. Dream Designs (my maiden name initials) but I’m not sure that works since it is so long and complicated what with the periods and all. I was Rockhound Designs but changed it because a lot of people didn’t associate it with jewelry or even know what a rockhound is. I also thought about using my name as in Handmade by Diane but again I don’t like it. Maybe I’ll never be satisfied…lol. I hope I can settle on one soon as I’d like to get some business cards made. Any suggestions are appreciated.
    Thanks for posting the video Rena.

  • Hi Rena, First let me say that I really like the colors you are wearing, they look great on you & i love your make up:)
    I personally had wrestled with a business name for a while, then got tired of it and just came up with Micha’sCreations, as some of my other ideas were already taken, and my name (spelling & pronunciation for most) is I think too difficult to deal with. I am very encouraged by what you say, as I had been advised to have a business name, where I could go into a variety of directions… Later though, I kept hearing from another group of people, that one should sell using a very specific name such as wire sculpted jewelry, or something like that…due to coming up in Google’s search engine.. but we know that there are other ways to do the latter. Thank you for the great idea and your wonderful Blog!

  • Rupal says:

    Thanks for the information. I have hard time to decide my business name too. My business name, here is the little story behind it:

    My nick name is “Rups” and I want to create an umbrella for my handcrafted accessories not limited to jewelry. So I come up with following name
    Rups Creations
    – Handcrafted Accessories

    I have bought website too
    I also registered RupsCreations on many more sites as under:
    twitter and

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge Rena.

  • Kathleen Vincent says:

    Thank you for this very interesting conversation. I too am in the same boat trying to come up with a name. The comments and experience shared is invaluable. Thank you all.

  • Lisa Hansen says:

    I also have different interest which do go well together to describe.
    I am a floral designer by trade, I grow and sell succulents and other plants,
    and make jewelry.
    My husband came up with Stems and Stones. I was able to register the name, but since then have had trouble with email address ect. as i have seen the name being used in other states. If i get a website i will have to get inventive

  • JanieBlue-Jane says:

    Rena This site is such a gem, so much information, kindness and empathy; You restore my faith, it has given me so much confidence, and knowledge, something we can never have too much of. Thank you

    Hi Rena and everyone, I’m JanieBlue.
    This is how I found my business name, I had been using Janie beads, but wow the following is how it hit me, I love history and like to know the whys and wherefores!!
    It’s the name of a blue slave bead, from Dejenne (once a large trading town), Janie is probably a derivative of the town’s name Dejenne, a large trading town in Mali circa 16th century Africa, and I am Jane-Janie, after watching “The world on a string”, a History of the mighty tiny bead, and wanting to find out more I Googled slave beads and came across it, just when I was trying to come up with a name for my creations to shine and show off under!
    I have the bead addiction, it surely is an addiction!
    I have been weaving for almost 20 years, I have a degenerative spine made worse by bad surgery and arthritis all over, I tried the usual cards, scrapbooking, I needed to find something to keep my mind off pain but still be able to make some money.
    I love the pieces I make as they can take days or even weeks sometimes, how please, how do I price my work I have your formula but the labour is so intensive, though it is my skill and creativity that make it, is there another formula for weavers?
    Looking at sites that are mentioned on here, I can’t find any that sell weaved items, I can’t attach any good pictures taken with a macro camera yet as I haven’t been able to replace my camera only an old iphone3g
    As I can’t do shows and the like the net is going to have to be my sales medium, though I do plan to try some of the local hair salons, nail salons, gift shops and boutiques. In the hand clients can see the intricate stitches with such small (mighty) beads and feel the weight and texture of the pieces, all of the things that call to me to make more!
    Having moved to New Zealand 7 years ago, I’ve only just got back into beading, after losing my books, designs, cameras and stock, well mostly everything in the Christchurch quakes, so while I’m here I will give a warning. Please all beaders, make sure you keep copies of everything use a hard drive and keep it in your handbag, photo copy everything, I cannot stress enough how this would help anyone in a similar position, I mourn every bead, book, design, finding and so on, it wasn’t insured as we were between homes and had already moved out of our home after the 1st quake, it has taken nearly 3 years to get back this far.

    This is why I say to you Rena Thank you, you show me that not all beaders are the same, i.e. after the quake I sent emails to my old suppliers in the UK with all the details about myself asking if they could check their records and was there anyway that I could get a copy of things I had bought from them in the past and how much would it cost, I haven’t heard a word from them, I didn’t want anything free but they would know which I had ordered before, all I wanted to do was try and restock, but nothing.

    There has been a silver lining though, sometime after the Feb 22nd 2011 the day the big one hit, something else awful happened, that sent me ever the edge for a bit, but out of all that, suddenly, my head is full of ideas, designs and beads so now I am busy making stock, and going through everything I need to set up JanieBlue.
    Now if asked what I do, I tell people, I am an artist, a jewellery designer, that I design and make myself, that is a big step on the road to recovery, as has this site has been.

  • Karen Watson says:

    I’m K Craft Jewelry..I didn’t think about the possibility of having jewelry in the name to become a problem, I make handcrafted jewelry, and being pretty much self-taught, am always trying to improve my designs and learn new methods. So far, when people see my jewelry, they love it, and I take pictures over and over again using every hint I find to improve my pictures, and my website. Not being real handy with computers, my website is from a template from Vistaprint.
    I’m not real fond of my business name, but since I have the domain, etc. and tons of business cards (another sad story, but not on topic), I guess I’ll keep it.
    I also like to do other “crafty” things, and may put other things on the website eventually. That’s why the name is K Craft Jewelry. Not a very creative name..Oh well..

  • Hi,
    Reading all of the other comments I realize we all have the same issue, coming up with a name that is unique to who we are and what we do. I started as Jewelry by Kristen, not really happy with it, I’m a jewelry designer not a wordsmith 🙂 When it came time to launch a website and facebook page, that name was taken….imagine that. I reached out to a couple people for suggestions. My sister suggested K Chick Jewelry, I jumped at it, it was better than what I was using and not owned. I tell my friend/web designer to go with it. Then do some searches, you guessed it, it’s being used with various spellings. My friend/ web designer is currently moving me to another host, I wonder if this is the time for a new look and a new name??

  • Diane says:

    It seems to be very hard to find a name that isn’t already being used. I am now using my name and jewelry designs since it is the only one I could come up with that wasn’t taken. I’m not very imaginative when it comes to words either. My business: Diane Hilliard Jewelry Designs
    I was hesitant to use my full name but then again I would put it on my business cards anyway so what the heck right?
    I would say if you can come up with something more unique and unused then go for it as it sounds like a good time to make a change.

  • JanieBlue says:

    As with having a story that come with your designs and creations, it can help to have a good story with your name, people like to know the story behind things, it can give then a connection which can often help with sales, I watched the DVD’s of the history of the bead “The world on a string” it piqued my interest and I looked up all about Slave bead and that is where I found my name, anything from your history, your, families, the place you come from, what inspires you, all these things looked at together can give you ideas

  • Nicole Green says:

    I chose Curly Q Jewelry when I was creating a banner for my etsy shop. I wanted the Curly Q font because of the spirals in several pieces of jewelry at that time. Suddenly I named the shop after the font. Over time my tastes have evolved towards metalsmithing and boho style jewelry. I don’t think my shop name suggests my current style. I added to Jewelry to the name for search engines. Guess I’ll keep the name since it is on signs & business cards. I love the idea of updating your tagline to define your current products. Thank you Rena.

  • Amber says:

    When I started my business last year, the name was the first thing I had to get just right. My middle name is Lee (was almost named Amberly, instead Amber Lee). Anyway, I chose “Amberly Way”, because it sounds like a lovely street name, some place you’d want to go. Then I can do a play on the same words, so my tag line is: Simple. Fun. Classic. Always unique. Handcrafted jewelry, the Amberly Way. 🙂

  • zoraida says:

    Choosing a name for your business is extremely difficult. I have to admit I took the easy way out. Luckily, my own name is uncommon so that’s what I chose to do. Sometimes the best names are the simplest. I’m not a fan of using dramatic, unusual or unrelated names for a business as a signature.

  • I chose my last name and call my business Underwood Art. No matter which medium I use, it fits. It is all my art. I work with polymer clay, beads and wire.
    I really love your site Rena, and I am enjoying you e book on wire. Thanks for always being here for us all.
    Patti Underwood

  • Barbara Herndon says:

    Branding ones own business is very emotional and really takes a process. I happened to be able to get, so I used Barbara Herndon as my name – handy, and not easy to forget. One day it occurred to me that my name is sort of a mouthful – not all that catchy, right? So I also own I can use that catchy name anywhere I like and have it set up to go directly to Now, I am considering a complete change of business focus away from jewelry. can be used whatever I end up doing with my life, so I’m still good. Perhaps there will be a different, secondary, catchier, web address in my future.

  • Cat Slavin says:

    I’m relatively new to jewelry design and creation. I began about 5 months ago and was shocked when two local gift shops asked if they could display my work for sale in their shops.

    Suddenly I was faced with finding up with a business name and everything else that comes with selling a product. Thankfully, that’s when I came upon your site, Rena. What a great resource! Thank you so very much!!!

    Since my husband is such a vital part of making it all happen (like providing training and tools as well as a gazillion great ideas), I wanted my business name to reflect that. Plus, both of us were widowed in our late 50’s and had given up on a happily ever after. But 5 years ago, a miraculous turn of events brought us together and we have been given a second chance. So, the business name is actually a tribute to us.

    I chose the name CatManDo! It’s a happily-ever-after love story about a man and his cat, and the beautiful things they can do together.

    In a couple more years, my husband can retire from his day job and we both can spend more time creating.

    Thank you again Rena for all the things you do!


  • valarie says:

    I struggled with a business name too. I started with Designs by Valarie, but if someone googled it and spelled my name wrong (because everyone does) they would find literally dozens of jewelry designers named Valerie, Then I changed it to Chanticleer jewelry, because I was and English major, and I love the story by Chaucer, but no one could remember/spell it. So I decided to go with something that talks more about what I do. I kiln fire fused glass and wire wrap it, so I went with “wired and fired designs” (I wanted, but they want over 10K for the domain name). It works for me. and people remember!

  • Gisela says:

    Hi everyone, thank you all and especially Rena for sharing your wonderful ideas and honest remarks on all the topics that are relevant for creative jewelry artists. I would like to add a thought to finding the name for your business. Recently, I have learned to let my business name ‘talk’ directly to my clients. I used to go with my first name as well (GISELART), now it’s not about me anymore but about for whom I create: “EVOLVING YOU Art Design”. I work on unique and customized jewelry that helps anchoring and treasuring what people value most in their lives through happy and difficult times. My current tagline reads: “Expressing the ever evolving you through exclusive jewelry design”. My aim is always the same – create something meaningful and precious, the design or the material itself might change over time. With this name, all doors are open, aren’t they?

  • zoraida says:

    Thanks so much for reinforcing my decision to name my business using my own name ( I’d already thought of all the things you mention here. Good to know I did it right 🙂

  • Leslie says:

    I wanted my design name to include anything I might create because I have so many artistic things I make (I sew, cook, design and create jewelry, graduation leis, and anything I can paint such as pictures, cards, eyeglass pouches, aprons, plastic storage containers, etc.). I started with Art by Leslie by that was taken, toyed with Artistic Designs, Artistic Creations (taken) then went with Artistic Creations by Leslie. I have a website name reserved but no actual website made up. I have Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia so have to conserve my energy for working, homemaking, and teaching beginning jewelry classes weekly at a local craft store. I design and make a lot of jewelry, learning skills that I teach, and am making a lot of inventory for someday selling more than just to friends and co-workers and class students.

  • Susan Fage says:

    Thank you Rena for sharing your ‘tag line’ top tip!

    I to took a while to chose my jewelery name, send initially just used my name Susan Fage Jewellery. But as I have a millinery business too, which is Susan Fage Millinery I thought it would be better keeping my name separate? As my married name derives from France (I’m not I’m 100% true English) I thought maybe use my surname which I figured sounded quite arty/romantic??;-)
    So La Fage Jewellery was ‘born!’

  • I am also in a quandary about my jewelry business name.When I started out making jewelry all I was doing was sea glass pieces with earrings & stringing beads for pendants. I have since branched out doing many varieties of materials and wire work. I have heard if your business page on FB has less than 200 likes it’s easy to change? I also have a Etsy shop with the name of sea glass magic” I think you are allowed to change that one time? Does anyone have any experience with this?

  • Tami, you can find out about the name change procedures for Facebook pages and Etsy shops with google searches – try these:
    change facebook page name
    change etsy shop name

    Wishing you all the best with your new jewelry directions and business name!

  • Caroline Roy says:

    Being in the province of Quebec, I needed a name that was the same in French and English so I ended up with a name that was neither: igloo-igloo! I don’t have any of my creations on there yet but I will soon.

  • Clarisse says:

    Hi. I found this website while searching google for a formula on how to price my jewelry. And i found this article very interesting. I named my business Dangle and Bling. Somebody suggested that name in a forum 5 years ago. And i like it. I started jewelry making in 2010 but i didnt get to make a proper website for it. I just move to a different country 2 years ago and i want to start my jewelry business again. I finally bought the domain name , email adress etc. Im contemplating to change the name to Maiah’s Trinckets in honor of my new born baby girl. Should i change it or should i just stick to the original name?

  • Hi Clarisse, if you haven’t actually started your jewelry business yet (but have just bought the Dangle and Bling domain name, email address, etc.), then this is the easiest (and least expensive) time to change your business name. But if you already have jewelry packaging, business cards, etc. (and customers who know your D & B name) – it can be confusing to customers and expensive to replace all the items that have your D & B business name on them. You’d have to decide whether the extra cost and possible customer confusion would be worthwhile.

    One other thought about changing the name of your business to Maiah’s Trinkets in honor of your beautiful baby girl…. what if you have another baby girl later? Would you want to re-brand your business to include both girls’ names, or would you be OK with having just one of your daughters’ names in your business name?

  • Linda Finnie says:

    My husband and I are both crafty, I did the bead stuff, he did leatherwork. Initially we called our business ‘Highland Spirit’ – which went well with our Scottish roots and the leather stuff, but I felt it did not go well with my bead work as it was not all Scottish themed.
    A few years ago we moved into a ranch style home in East Mountain in Nova Scotia and decided to go with just East Mountain Ranch as it encompassed everything we did and people would remember where our little workshop was. It doesn’t sound very jewelry like, but we do so many other crafts that it just seemed right at the time. (We now have ‘Highland Spirit’ as the range of leatherwork instead.)
    We plan on staying here a long time, but if we ever move I guess we will have to change the name.

  • Janet says:

    I am Janetjacksonjewelrydesign. Yes, my real name is Janet Jackson, so I decided to capitalize on the notoriety. It works! Tons of people say “oh, I remember you from last year” when I do festivals and such. Easy to remember and spell. I have signage from vistaprint that promote “all kinds of wire” but my cards, website, FB, etc reflect my business name.

  • Tasha B. says:

    A year later and I still am not settled on my business name – Uniquely Yours Jewelry or abbreviated to UYJ. My cards have been printed with that name etc. I know that I wanted to have unique pieces and even if a client saw my work and needed something similar, there will be some tiny element that will be replaced so it will never be ‘factory-looking’ or duplicated.
    Also, because of my personality – spirited, whimsical, cheery ( more often than not) and given my love for butterflies, I wanted to have that word in the title. When I was a teen, I made bookmarks and little printed tokens I would design and my moniker at that time was – Blue Butterfly Kreations. I still love butterflies. My business cards carry a blue butterfly, too.
    Lately, I have been considering a name change to – Uniquely Yours Designs – with the tagline “Set Your Own Pace”; or Blue Butterfly Designs – with the tagline “Uniquely yours.”
    Rena, I agree so much with what you shared about the evolution of the business and the fact that we are creators will evolve, we will learn new skills, try new things and simply explore other avenues for business ideas, etc.
    I will definitely give this name thing more time.

  • Tasha B., I like your thoughts on your business name and tagline. It’s another creative, expressive aspect of creating our jewelry identity – and I found it very liberating to realize that it can be fluid and evolving.

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