Jewellery Booth with Photo Frames and Bits and Bobs from Charity Shops

by Helen.
(London, England)

Table at a charity sale

My jewellery booth is a little on the traditional side. The black and gold theme works for me but I’d love to be able to use other colours with confidence.

I use a satin black cloth over my table and then have two homemade earring and necklace displays made from two gold photo frames hinged together with slats for earring cards and hooks for hanging necklaces on.

I have two mirrors that can be angled to suit the customer’s needs.

I also use a mini wire mannequin to hang statement pieces on and small trinket boxes to add an accent.

I covered a section of poster tube in black satin as well as covering two cardboard boxes so that I can drape items over them at different levels.

I’m based in the UK and my display cost less than £40 to buy/make and put together. I’ve had a positive feedback from many customers.



Very elegant looking booth!
by: Rena

I wouldn’t have known your lovely display was pulled together from charity-shop finds! It looks very classy and nice.

Your gold photo frames are wonderfully made into jewelry displays. And I love the satin-covered poster tube! What a great idea.

Your black satin table cover is beautiful and elegant.

If you want to experiment with color in your booth, you might try either a different color of tablecloth, or a colored runner or shawl artistically draped over the black tablecloth.

You can also use a colorful draped runner on just one part of your table, to highlight a certain jewelry collection or create a visual grouping.

You might set up your table at home, and experiment with all kinds of different cloths and runners of various colors. Have a couple of friends over to help you brainstorm some new color touches.

It’s a great feeling to put together a lovely display so cheaply – and then have customers compliment you on it! Thank you for sharing.

Adding colour
by: Helen

Thanks Rena for your suggestions, I will definately try adding an accent colour in a band on part of my table. Also, thanks for including me on your wonderful site… I’ve learned a lot from reading all your tips and other artists stories.

by: Janine G.

I like your displays. I also love the background of the photo. You don’t see much stonework like that in buildings here in the us. I had a feeling it was England.

I want to make those displays. They are excellent!

by: French Elegant Jewelry

Black looks really nice with all the colorful jewelry. Black always looks so elegant too.

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