Jewel Tone Feather Jewellery

by Tamara Summers.
(Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)

My son is getting married in September of this year. 🙂 Like any mother-of-the-groom I immediately set about figuring out what to wear, and of course, what jewellery to wear with it.

Jewel Toned Peacock Feather Wedding Necklace

Jewel Toned Peacock Feather Wedding Necklace

I found a beautiful royal purple dress which I love. The colour is incredible, and I knew it needed complimentary standout jewellery. I found a dramatic jewel-toned mixed media choker necklace with a 4 1/2″ long pendant which I had already made.

It popped on it perfectly, but it needed few more added touches if it was going to this special wedding! Doing the upgrades was easy, but when I had finished it and wanted to take a picture to share, I found it one of the most difficult pieces to photograph!

Feathered Butterfly Hair Comb - Royal Blue

Feathered Butterfly Hair Comb – Royal Blue

I couldn’t get the camera to pick up the beautiful, bright iridescent tones of the peacock feather and portray the colours accurately.

After about three times of trying, in different lighting, on different coloured backgrounds, this is the best picture I can get (on the dress it’s to be worn with). For some reason it won’t pick up the beautiful bright teale green area that is under the purple crystals – it pictures it more as a lighter turquoise.

So picture it in your mind as teale green instead, with beautifully toned teale green crystals. 🙂

While I had my materials out to work on my necklace, I also ended up making two feathered butterfly hair combs in the same jewel tones.

Feathered Butterfly Hair Comb - Teale Green with Peacock Feather

Feathered Butterfly Hair Comb – Teale Green with Peacock Feather

While I generally have not used black much in my designs, because it’s not a colour I wear much myself or gravitate toward personally, I’ve been finding on my last few pieces that I’ve been including a bit of it to pop other colours.

I really wasn’t sure about putting the black feathers on these, and they were the last touches, but I do think they finished off the pieces nicely.

These is a vague possibility that if one of these combs doesn’t sell by then, especially the peacock feather one, that it just might find its way into my hair in September. 🙂

Tamara Summers
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