Japan-Inspired Jewelry Packaging II: Bamboo Boxes

by Karen.
(Eugene, Oregon, USA)

Bamboo box wrapped with chiyogami ribbon and gold cord bow

Bamboo split to form the bottom half of the box – containing vintage mahjong dice earrings

Bamboo boxes are perfect packaging for long, thin items – such as this upcycled bamboo chiyogami necklace

This is Part Two of a three-part post about Japan-Inspired Jewelry packaging ideas that I have developed.

In Part 1, Origami Gift Boxes, I mentioned that Paper Demon Jewelry is Modern jewelry from Japanese things.

So, Japan has to be evoked in a modern, clean lined, sophisticated way.

For my Geisha Hairpicks, which are long and skinny, my origami boxes from Part 1 won’t work.

So for these items, which are somewhat more traditional than my jewelry line, I created a box from bamboo that I harvest right here in Eugene, Oregon.

People around here are always cutting down their extra bamboo and trying to get rid of it. For a few bucks I can get yards and yards of bamboo that is about 2″ across.

When I get it it’s dirty and gross, but it cleans easily. It’s also easy to cut into 6″ or 9″ segments.

Bamboo splits very easily into two halves, so I split the segments. I set the hair ornament in one half, put the other half over as a lid, then wrap the whole thing in a chiyogami “ribbon” (washi tape is also great), and finish it off with a gold cord bow.

Then punch cardboard circles as end caps and glue them on.

This fits easily into a padded envelope and off it goes!

It’s a bit of a pain so now I only use it for the Geisha Hairsticks.

The other two photos show the bamboo as a photo backdrop to my vintage mahjong dice earrings and my upcycled bamboo chiyogami necklace.

Karen Kelsky
Paper Demon Jewelry blog
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Bamboo Gift Boxes
by: Rena

These are so cool, Karen! How clever to use a natural resource that people are getting rid of, and turn it into a packaging work of art. A lovely, authentic, handmade touch for your jewelry!

I’m sure your unique, thoughtful presentation is something your customers never forget.

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