It Was Meant to Be

by Jennifer Warren.
(Lancaster, New York, USA)

Green Jasper Necklace

My husband of 12 years was recently diagnosed with brain cancer, we have 2 young boys 6 and 9. Obviously, my life has changed drastically, as everything is on me, and that’s OK – I’d do anything for my family.

One day it came to me I should make jewelry, and so I did, I found it is therapeutic, and relaxing. It has given me something else to focus on when the stress hits.

I often think “why didn’t I think of this earlier?” but it was meant to be, there is a reason why it came to me at this difficult time in my life.

I’m currently selling to family and friends, but I’m researching making it a business. I have a full-time job so it would be a little extra income, being that my husband is not currently working due to his illness.

He has always been the bread winner – now it’s my turn.

I enjoyed reading everyone’s stories, so I thought I’d share mine.

Jen W
JJs Jewelry Designs


Jewelry therapy
by: Rena

Jen, I’m so sorry to hear about your hubby’s illness. He and your family are in my prayers. I’m very glad to hear you have the support of family and friends – it makes such a difference to have loved ones there for you in tough times.

What perfect timing for jewelry making to come into your life! So many of us here have benefited from “jewelry therapy”! It truly is an amazing stress-buster.

Jen, my thoughts are with you and your family. Please let us know how you’re doing.

Also, if you have a website, blog, online storefront, etc., please let me know and I’ll add your link(s) at the end of your post above!

May God give you strength…
by: Cyndi L

…to continue doing all that you need to do for your husband, your children, and yourself.

So Proud of You!
by: Sharon W


As one of your friends, I love seeing your pure excitement for your new found love of making jewelry and so happy that you have found an outlet for your stress. And the bonus, adding to your income at such a difficult financial time in your life, good for you!! May you find peace and lots of success in your new endeavor!!!!

Love ya!!!

Husbands Diagnosis
by: Patricia Rae (Memories Remade Jewelry)

Oh, Jen, I’m am so, so, sorry, but understand thoroughly. My husband has just been diagnosis with inoperable and incuraable cancer also. I find beading & making jewelry very relaxing, too. Even though I’ve been making jewelry for myself, family and friends, I find it so theraputic at this time. I will definitely keep your husband, you and your family in my prayers. Never give up hope. That’s what my Doctor told me 16 years ago when I was diagnosis with ca and I’m a survivor. God Bless.

Patricia Rae
by: Rena

Hugs and prayers for you and your hubby. I’m so sorry to hear about his diagnosis. Does he have a hobby too, that he can turn to for creative therapy and stress relief?

Thank You
by: Jen W

Thank you everyone, for your kind words. Rena I absolutly love your site. I’m working on how to market my jewelry, possibly a blog I will let you know, again thank you. You are very insightful and inspiring. Patricia Rae, thank you and God Bless your husband. I’m glad to hear you are a survivor. Keep up the fight. I love making jewelry and get very excited when I create a new piece. Jen W

Stress relief
by: Marlies

I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s diagnosis. You and your family are in my prayers. I know for me, beading is definitely therapeutic and meditative. Good Luck in everything and keep us posted on your husband’s health.

by: Anonymous

Hi Rena, I remembered you had mention in your response to my story, that if I ever get a website, blog, or storefront you would add it. Well , so far I opened an etsy shop. I took some of the advice from you about not using my name, which originally I was going to go with jewelry by jen. However I decided to go with I’m new to etsy and I fumbling around with it daily, but loving every minute of it. Although no sales yet, but thats ok I’m getting there, and have sold locally to co-workers.

Thank you
Jen W

Thanks, Jen!
by: Rena

I’ve added your Etsy shop link at the bottom of your article above. Thanks so much for letting me know!

I hope your hubby’s condition is improving – your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Your hubby!
by: Altheia

Hello Jen, of course I don’t know exactly what you are going through, but my spouse to is very ill. She has MS, Lyme Disease that has now effected her brain. She has arrested twice. I am on edge all the time. I am trying to get back into beading. Peace and blessings to you and hubby. Thank you for your inspiration, it makes me want to do it. Be happy at what you do. Be well……

by: Aliogo Linda

Your story is torching and I thank you for sharing your personal life with us. Having an outlet where you can relax is great! I just want you to know you would leave through this and come out stronger and better!

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