Is There a Way to Test Stainless Steel Findings?

by Irene.
(Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)

question-mark-originalI’m new to jewelry making and I’m thinking of using stainless steel chains and earwires because they won’t tarnish, but I’m wondering if there is any way to test whether they really are stainless steel?

I live in South-East Asia so it is expensive for me to buy online from reputable stores like Rio Grande or Fire Mountain Gems (shipping costs are a killer, not to mention unfavorable currency exchange rates).

I usually buy from suppliers based in China and, well, I’m not sure I would totally trust their descriptions of the products, sometimes!

I was wondering if sandpapering would be a good test, because if the metal were plated the plating would come off, but stainless steel wouldn’t be affected, would it? Does anyone have any suggestions?


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