Is My Design Idea Too Radical for Most?

by Random.

I was inspired by some jewelry my father bought my mom and I. He bought us each 2 reversible pendants that attached to the a chain via toggle clasp (round end attached to the chain, bar end to the pendant) this made it very easy to change pendants for many looks with one chain.

I decided to start making and selling my own interchangeable pendants (in no set style to increase versatility) and chains for many eclectic looks and styles (defiantly not copying originals).

I personally love them….many looky loos say they like them as well. But here is my dilemma, few sales. And when I do make a sale instead of buying several for multiple looks people buy one and don’t intend on finding me to buy more later.

I wonder what is the point to buying such a versatile product if you have no versatility. I wonder if not understanding customers is diminishing my sales? is it just too radical an idea for most? Can anyone give me some insight?

I can’t seem to post a pic today. Ugh

Just a bit of info: I started doing this because I’m disabled. I haven’t developed a loyal customer following because I’ve only been doing this for about 2 years and because of my disability I cannot attend a lot of shows and I have no friends in the area to do a party with. I’m slowly trying to get enough experience to start on the Internet but getting started is a very slow process for me.

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