Inexpensive Banner for Jewelry Booth

by Kathi Ader.
(Waterford, MI)

Inexpensive Booth Banner

Want a great looking banner for your booth but don’t have the money to have one made? Make one of your own on your computer!

By using the logo from my business card, I used Print Shop to add my business name and printed it out. I used an inexpensive poster frame purchased at a craft store, painted it black and added my banner.

I get lots of compliments on the sign as well as the name. It looks great and only cost a few dollars.

Kathi Ader
My Beading Heart


Fantastic, economical booth sign idea
by: Rena

What a great way to get a custom booth sign for a fraction of what you’d pay to have it done professionally.

Also, you’re free to change your banner’s design with every show since you’re printing it yourself.

The poster frame is also a brilliant touch.

Thanks so much for sharing this great idea, Kathi!

by: Amy

Great idea! I spent $60.00 on a banner from a printing place.

You Go, Girl!
by: Anonymous

Hi Kat,

As always, you have super ideas for us, and your booth is so elegant and classy!

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family & friends.

God bless,
Carol :o)

great idea
by: eve

what a great idea for making a banner! thanks, I’m going to use it for my next show!

by: Selma

Your display is absolutely beautiful, it has a very high end look!!!!!!!!!!

Printer type
by: Patricia

This won’t work on all printers (for example mine only prints up to I think 14 inches). What kind of printer do you use?

this is a very beautifull booth can i copy it
by: Anonymous

i love the elegance and simplicity of this booth the displays are raised making it the jewellry very visible good job

Great sign/banner Idea
by: Pegi Gibson

This is a great idea and really professional too!
I am definitely going to use this one. I may also see how expensive it would be to make a cheep frame (thin glass being a big part of the cost)with non-reflective glass. Either way its an idea worth using, and I will. My display and I thank you!

by: Sally Hoffman-The Bear Affair

Your booth is both gorgeous and professional. The black and white give it a very classy look. Congrats.

Inexpensive Banner Looks Expensive
by: Anonymous

Luv it!!! Makes me wanna go shopping.

Also curious on the printer
by: Anonymous

I love the idea. I’m also a graphic designer and have my banner all designed, but wouldn’t know how to print it off my home printer. My Epson does take rolls I think, but not sure.

Very Elegant !
by: Elaine

What kind of frame is that for the sides and rear?
I am new at this and would appreciate the advice. Thanks!

by: Loretta Scott

I love your banner. But how big is it. I can never work out how to use Print Shop to create a banner larger than a 1 sheet of paper.
And the frame is brilliant. But again where do you get that shape and a size big enough so that it has the right effect?
Congratulatons! Love your booth.

by: Vicki

How did you make the backdrop your banner is hanging on? I need something easy to transport. Thanks!

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