Imperial Jasper Necklace Display

by Pauline Salvucci.

Imperial Jasper Necklace

I decided to drape this 39″ imperial jasper necklace to give it a pop of punch. I think that sometimes not seeing an entire piece raises the curiosity factor of the viewer, which results in spending more time viewing various photos of the piece.

Since the stones are so large 1 1/2″ x 1″, I wanted to get an appealing close up so I lay a thin piece of soft material under a frosted head bust which was turned on its side, then draped the necklace over the bust.

I like the contrast of hard stone “flowing” and resting on soft material.

Pauline Salvucci

Sirona Jewelry blog


Great Idea!
by: Sam

Placing the jewelry in order to pique curiosity is a great ides!

by: Holly

Gorgeous necklace!!

Thank you!
by: Pauline

Hello Sam and Holly….. thanks for your kind comments!

by: Anonymous

The stones in this necklace are gorgeous…great photo!

Great Pics
by: Anonymous

Hey, you’ve taken some of the best photos I’ve seen in a long time. Care to share any specific tips? I’ve read so much of the same thing over and over about taking “good” photos but I’d like someone that takes Great photos to spill the beans!!

Emotional Imagination
by: Pauline

Having a “feel”, an emotional connection, for a piece of jewelry fuels the imagination, which in turn, helps you see in a different way.

This piece, for instance, at 39″ in length, would best be worn by a tall woman with the grace and elegance to carry it off. The pic reflects that emotional connection, at least for me. However, I believe any woman with her own unique emotional presence can carry off a piece of jewelry.

Artisan jewelry tells a story that comes from somewhere within the emotional life of the artist. If you can capture that emotional quality in a photo, it shines through.

In the world of physical reality, I’m a short and very chunky woman who lives with a debilitating chronic illness and get around in a power wheelchair. This does not limit my love of color, texture and imagination.

Connect with what you create. I think it makes a difference.

Dramatic Jewelry
by: Bonnie

Pauline you are so right. I make some bold and dramatic pieces of jewelry. They are purchased by women of all sizes. The two things they have in common are their sense of confidence and amazing personality. That’s what it takes to wear great jewelry and not let it overtake you.

Very smooth job!
by: Arbie Goodfellow

I really like your photo because it looks like it has some depth and not flat looking at all. The stones are saying… touch me.
Thank -you for the great idea.

by: Bead Booty

Fabulous idea! Your necklace looks so beautiful displayed that way.

Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all the kind words! I appreciate them. 🙂

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  • Karen Watson says:

    I like the draping too. Such a beautiful necklace.

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