I’m Making Jewelry Again!

by Patti Underwood.
(Brooksville, Florida, USA)


Hi I am Patti Underwood and I used to do pretty good making and selling jewelry made with beads. However I work mostly in Polymer clay, and went off to make clay coasters, purse holders, you know like more home decor things.

After reorganizing my studio I went through all my bead boxes and thought what a waste, plus I bought more beads (yes we are ill there). So I have started a brand new deal with beads and clay. I have sold a few pieces on ETSY plus I can wear my pieces to work etc.

So I am excited about creating again! I would like to include a photo of one of the pieces and see what you folks think.

Having fun again!!!

Patti Underwood
Voila Designs at Etsy


by: Leigh

On reviving your passion. Good to see that you have a store and are on your way to selling more.

Welcome back to jewelry!
by: Rena

I’m glad to hear you’re having fun with jewelry making again! Whenever I’ve had a break from it, I always come back inspired with different ideas and a fresh approach.

Do you find that having immersed yourself in polymer clay decor has changed your jewelry designs and ideas?

Great idea to combine your love of beads (it’s an addiction, seriously!) with your polymer clay art.

I find that when I combine different techniques or materials, my jewelry is more unique and sells better.

Wishing you all the best with combining your art forms, and I hope we’ll be seeing more from you, Patti! 🙂

Thank you
by: Patti Underwood

Thanks for your encouragement. The home decor things were fun. They got boring, plus you can wear them so not many people can see them. They were like little canvases, but so is the jewelry! I am studying color and design this year, from some excellent books on the subjects and see where that takes my designs. Somewhere great I hope!


by: lakshmi

Dear sir/madam,

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