Ideas for Selling Jewelry When You Have a Disability?

by Catherine.

Ideas for Selling Jewelry When You Have a Disability?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I have epilepsy. How can I sell offline?

Iā€™m not with etsy or any others. Iā€™m thinking of many options.

Any ideas? Thank you.


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  • Hi Catherine, you might get a small plastic fishing-tackle box with dividers, fill it with your jewelry that’s for sale, and also some jewelry supplies and tools. Take the box everywhere you go. Whenever anyone asks “what do you do?” you can open your tackle box and show your jewelry. I’ve made many impromptu jewelry sales by carrying my jewelry everywhere.

    And whenever you have to sit and wait somewhere, such as at a doctor appointment, you can open your tackle box and make jewelry – and quite often other folks in the waiting room get interested in what you’re doing, and sometimes that can lead to sales.

    I hope that helps! šŸ™‚

  • Ann says:

    My son has autism and we sell at disability conferences. They often offer exhibitor tables at a deep discount for “self-advocates” and folks are very understanding of any challenges we may have while exhibiting. For example, when my son needs a sensory break, he crawls under the table (hidden by a floor length table cloth) and rests on a camping mattress pad and pillow. He puts in ear buds and listens to something of his choice. Folks will ask where he is – and when I tell them, they say things like “what a great idea!” Also, these conferences are always indoors and therefore there are no climate challenges.

  • That’s wonderful, Ann! Thanks for sharing how you and your son work together this way. Hugs to both of you.

  • Lyone says:

    One idea is to actually sell jewelry in peoples’ homes. Your friends/acquaintences have other friends, etc. If you know someone who is a big time social butterfly, or community organizer type, you could ask if they would be willing to host a jewelry house party. This does involve a bit of work and organizing on your part: figuring out a good date for the open house; printing out invites and sending them out, deciding who to invite (ie, just a select group of high spenders, or the entire church?), making food, setting up your display, etc.

  • Lona B says:

    I also sell my hand-painted or handmade jewelry and wine glasses on Etsy. But I have been disabled and housebound 4 over 5 years and I have an extreme allergy to flowers, perfume, cologne Hairspray basically anything that has fragrances like that so I can’t be around people. I have not been able to promote my items like before and I don’t understand what they mean when they say branding and I have spent a lot on ads where my items can be shown more but I’m doing good if I sell an item a month. Most of my pictures are taken inside and I have a light box but it leaves a shadow from the item. Does anyone have any suggestions on where or how I can promote since I don’t feel like I describe the items well or use the proper tags to attract interested customers. Etsy has changed so much it’s hard for me to navigate around in it or know what I can even do with it.

  • annette revilla says:

    I make jewelry from old broken pieces and new pieces. I am disabled, in a powerchair with MD. I am also a professional photographer. All my Jewelry is one of a kind. I’m lucky if I can make a set. I photograph my jewelry on my kitchen table. I shoved my white table into the corner slightly past the kitchen window into the white walls, I get south west light around 1:30 pm. I will try to post pictures of my jewelry. Lighting, even a flashlight can be used. I have too much fun setting up for photography.
    I usually sell my work at the rehabilitation hospital that took care of me (Rancho Los Amigos Nat. Rehab Center, Downey CA.) They hold a craft fair for outpatients once a year. All vendors are current outpatients and disabled in some way and most of us are in chairs. Try checking with other hospitals and their volunteer offices.They promote the craft fairs on campus and in social media. I became a volunteer so I can help keep this event going. Sometimes our crafter’s have no other income then theses fairs. I will post some of my pictures so you can see I did them all on my table in my kitchen.

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