I Make and Sell Jewelry Online

by Gina Jackson.
(Ogdensburg, New York, USA)

I like to purchase my jewelry online from places like Etsy and jewelry makers’ websites because I like one of a kind purchases.

I don’t want to wear what everyone else is wearing. I want something unique.

So as a handmade jewelry shopper, here’s what I always want to know:

Tell me why your piece is unique – and let me know if it isn’t one of a kind please!


I agree
by: Debi Woods

I agree with you 100%. I do make and sell jewelry and most are one of a kind.
I always answer any questions my customers have, and I assure them that the product they are buying from me, I make, and there is a lot of them that would be hard to reproduce.
Some people ask for a piece of jewelry like someone elses, and ask me to make it or they will show me a picture. Well most times it is easy to copy, even tho I try to do something a little different. I hate copying, but sometimes that is what I have to do.
Most times tho, people want different, and different I will give them. So if they tell me something they are interested in, I will show them something and ask if this is close, and they say kinda, but I love this piece and will buy it.
Being nice, and explaining things, and most of all, ask questions, and being interested in what they want is really important.
I am so glad you posted this, as for most people don’t even think about it.

Jewelry as Fine Art
by: Patricia C Vener

I started out as a traditional fine artist in that I use paint, inks, etc. I love being a painter but I have always had a fascination for textiles and tiny glass beads so naturally I have found my way to creating fine art through bead weaving (without giving up my paints, pencils and inks). All of my work is one of a kind, even the smallest pieces, but it is my large art bead weaving works that set me apart from everyone else.

I look at every work as a landscape or a still life; each piece tells a story (and one of my pieces actually told a visual joke!) or represents an idea that is much more than merely beautiful (although that in itself a a fine goal). I look at my jewelry less as jewelry and more as sculpture that can be worn.

I have many pieces in my etsy shop (SilverDragon.etsy.com) and during the month of December will be uploading the greater number of my works to my own website, vener-art.com. I hope you will stop by and indulge in a gallery tour from home during this time or any time.

Information in jewelry listings
by: Rena

Great points, Gina – thanks for posting! I agree – I’d like to see that info more often too.

Like you, I’m also a handmade jewelry customer, even though I make jewelry.

And here’s another thing that’s so often missing from necklace descriptions – the length. That’s often a deal-breaker for me, because some lengths just don’t work well for me.

And sometimes I’d like to know if an ultra-long necklace is long enough for me to wrap it around my neck twice and wear as a choker – if it’s 27″ I can’t, but if it’s 30″ I can. But I can’t tell the length from a photo.

And because I’m often cruising through jewelry listings when I have just a few moments to spare, I rarely contact the artist to inquire about the missing information – I just click on to the next shop instead.

Even though shoppers can contact / convo the seller for more info – I wonder how many don’t have the time or don’t want to put forth the effort to send a message asking about a necklace length or other missing information? Unfortunately, it’s much easier to just move on to another shop instead.

Re- I agree …. With Gina and Rena
by: Debi Woods

You are so right Rena, about the lengths. This is an important factor. My daughter ordered a necklace for me last year for my birthday.
She did not see the length, but went by the picture. It must have been on a very short statue board, because it went to the bottom of the board, and she figured it was at least 20″ long. It was only 16 inches, and yes, it fit, but it was not easy wearing it that close to my neck because of the pendant.
I always give length of the necklace or bracelet, but also the length of the pendant. Sometimes the pendant can make a difference with what you wear.
Looks can be deceiving.
I use leather a lot for my ends, but mostly on my Native jewelry.
Went to Gina’s site and she does Beautiful work, and of course Rena always has Beautiful jewelry.
Here is a link to my store.

Jewelry Descriptions
by: Embellished Essence By Anita

Thank you ladies!! You have brought to my attention things I need to do. In addition to describing my pieces I need to inform customers to the length as well! Good point! I am just starting out myself. I love making jewelry, that is the easy part, the descriptive aspects involved in sales has been dicy for me. But I have found with the help of dictionary.com and some poetic leanings I have made my descriptions fun to read. Here is an example I did for a jade piece.

A treasure chest piece with an eclectic vibe. Traditionally carved pendant of green aventurine is suspended from a large lime toned blue crystal. Balinese style silver tone accents, crystal, jade, and lamp worked beads give a willowy feel to this oriental fusion offering.

blah blah price etc
Now I have to add dimensions….ty 🙂

Jewelry descriptions
by: Rena

Debi – would it be possible to put an extender chain on the clasp of the 16″ necklace, or make it adjustable in some other way?

Anita – so glad to hear you’ve found it so helpful! 🙂 I like your writeup – my interest is always piqued by a description that gives the jewelry a bit of a story, or a hint of magic or mystery.

by: Debi Woods

Hi Rena,
I did in fact add an extender to it. Works out just great. I added one to each side so it would hang exactly the same because of the weight of the pendant.

Short Attention Span
by: Lisa at Wild Gift Designs

I have a problem creating the same type of jewelry over and over again even if it sells well. I like to experiment. It keeps it fun for me. My problem with identifying some of my pieces as one of a kind is that I might have taken an idea I saw somewhere and put my spin on it, therefore I do not feel comfortable with marking it OOAK – even if it might be. For those pieces that come staight from my head – I have learned to mark them proudly with OOAK.

Lisa at Wild Gift Designs

Lisa Not Alone
by: Patricia

I too prefer creating one of a kind works and am hoping to focus on those pieces from now on. Unless I’m offered a commission to make several similar pieces and then I will if it’s possible because who turns down a paying gig? On the other hand, I am also hoping to focus on larger more important art pieces because that’s where I can really play with experimentation.

Finding a Treasuretrove
by: Pat’s Jewelryaka Blingpage

I have just found this page. The comments have been very helpful. I am just starting my on-line business and am eager to learn all that I can to continue to improve. I make one of a kind items and the descriptions are the part that I hope gives the correct information. I do include measurements as well as attention to the closure of the item.

by: Beginner

Hi Guys,
I LOVE making jewelry (in my spare time) and I want to sell it. I started about a year ago and now I range from friendship thread bracelets to necklaces and earrings. I am going to take a jewelry camp to expand my knowlege on jewelry making. I have been selling it when I’ve been on crew for plays (Childrens Theater) and have made $50+ bucks. BUT, my problem is that I want to make an income so I can save up for stuff I want, and have money to buy supplies. I am homeschooled and getting ready to audition for Weaver Academy, so I don’t have much time to make stuff. Summer is really when I start to make jewelry all the time.
I need help from you guys to help me start selling more and more. Since I can’t really leave home…I can’t sell to people through stores and whatnot….an another problem is that I look like I am 10. I have the hieght and stature of a 10 yr. old even though I’m 13.
Can you guys help me out?

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