I made a Profit!

by Vicky.
(Oxford, UK)

Just had to share that yesterday I made my first profit at a show!

It was the fifth one I have done and I was beginning to lose hope, but now I’m all fired up for the next one! SO happy.


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  • Elena says:

    Hi Vicky,
    never lose hope, shows are fickle friends, sometimes you sell like crazy, sometimes not.
    Just to make an example,I live in Italy and every year I attend a Christmas fair in my town, well some year ago with the revenue I booked a new year’s eve weekend on the alps for two, others years the profit was just enough to buy a pizza for two…. but I carry on because I really love what I do and I’ve noticed many customers returning year after year, that means a lot because if they come back they like my work.

    Next saturday I’ll be attending a Notte Bianca (white night= shops and boots open from afternoon to after midnight) in a new town, I keep my finger crossed….

    Good luck to you and your sales!!!

  • Deborah Leon says:

    Congrats..much continued success to you!! Just that little bit can carry you a long way and keep you inspired. If you believe in your creations keep putting it out there…soon everyone else will believe in them too which will translate to $$$$.

    Fair Winds and Calm Seas,
    Deborah Leon

  • Lisa Yang says:

    Yay for you! Congratulations. Wishing you continued success and good for you for sticking with it!!

  • Jannea Varni says:

    Congratulations Vicky! Not only is it a challenge to “take the plunge” to put your jewelry out there but then to come back after a less than successful show. Enjoy and celebrate!

  • Tammie E says:

    I’ve had some great shows and some duds. Some that I paid a high$ amount to do and were a bust and some that were cheap and I made a killing. you just never know.

    I think doing craft shows is like being a golfer. How you ask?

    1.You do it first and foremost because you love it

    2. You can be less than perfect and still have fun

    3. Every once in a while you get a ‘hole in one’ and that spurs you on to try and try again.
    Good luck on continued success!

  • Pam says:

    Congratulations! Isn’t it the best feeling? Shows are such a crapshoot sometimes, and even the best have good and bad years. You can have the duds, but then at a show, that one customer will come along and amaze you!

    To share an example, I’d been doing our town’s 2-day Mayfest each year, and came to realize that this was more about neighbors sauntering around, seeing each other and grabbing a funnel cake than actually spending money. Also, it usually meant sitting outside for two days and spring showers were almost guaranteed. This year, having decided to skip it, my husband actually asked at the last minute if we should give it another try, so we called and only got a spot because a vendor had cancelled at the last minute. Not the best location. Sales seemed mediocre as usual, but covered the fee plus a semi-respectable few sales. I did sell one of my sterling silver bracelets, a piece that goes for about $50, which pumped up the Sunday revenue a little. I always include my card in the little bags, and about a week later, I got a call from the lady who bought the bracelet, asking if I could make up SEVEN more for her! She wanted them for all of her summer birthday gifts! Woohoo! You just never know – Never give up!

  • Congratulations!

  • zoraida says:

    Congratulations! It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it. Don’t ever give up, just choose which shows to be in wisely. We all have “bad” shows sometimes. I’ve limited that shows I do per year to those which do profit.


  • Congratulations – perseverance is the key. You will find that your booth grows and evolves with each show. You are on your way. My last big 2-day show was a flop because of the weather. Ended up packing up early on the first day due to 45-50 mph winds which was literally tearing my tent. Had 60 pounds on each leg and still holding on. Didn’t go back on the second day due to continued high winds. It was the weekend in April that had 85 tornadoes in KS.

    Keep positive and each show is a learning experience and an opportunity to get your jewelry out in front of people – they will look for you next year.

    Again, a big Congratulations.

  • Pamela says:

    Wow! Congratulations!! What a great post and comments too. It has encouraged me to also keep going with selling at shows. I’m finding it hard in this economy when there are so many other people selling jewelry at craft shows. My best show was done at a winery. The mood was festive and a few glasses of wine may have helped people loosen up a little. I haven’t been as successful at local school craft shows.

  • Rups says:

    Congratulations Vicki.

    San Francisco, CA

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