I Lost Trust In My Own Forces

by Olga.

My First Polymer Clay Roses

My head is just full of creative ideas…and I know I can make it all come true, but here is what stops me:

1. My baby boy – taking care all day long of him…my other duties in my family…my husband and other child.

2. Frustration about my business rivals…because they take some of my ideas…do similar jewelry and sell it cheap….or develop quicker then me because they’ve got plenty of time….so they organize exhibitions and shows.

As for me…everyone likes my works, but nobody buys the way I would like to. When I hear: “What a great job…it is so wonderful…what you do” …but no good results in buying things, it makes me lose trust in my own forces and I don’t know what to think.

Is it because I don’t have enough patience? Is it probably because I expect wonderful results in a short period of time, right away?

I am only a beginner. A famous stylist from my country (I am from Moldova) had a chance to see some of my works…and she said that is a good beginning.

I guess I sometimes forget that I am just a beginner 🙂



hang in there!
by: Anonymous

dear olga,
hi! as women we constantly try to balance our creative call annd all the other demands that our families have on us. Why not consider swapping babysitting duty with another mom or friend, so that you can carve out some time to create in peace while your baby gets a playdate? If you can afford babysitters, it might be worth your money to get one for a certain number of hours in a week, you will see that gradually your efficiency will increase because you will start scheduling your creating/business errands around the time when the sitter is around. even church playgroups, playpens and the park offer some opportunities to sneak into your creative zone, without guilt.
it does take time and a lot of patience to train yourself and your kids so that they learn early that even though you are a mom, you are still a person who needs to do creative things to stay sane.

do not undermine your efforts, just do one thing everyday to further your enterprise. you will find much peace if you have a clear understanding in your limitations and your abilites.
also, please understand that ‘no’ is a complete sentence! learn to say no and people will respect your limits.
oh and there is no harm in roping in the husband, grandma, grandpa, uncles, aunts etc- it takes a village to raise the child.
your work is beautiful, have faith in it and in yourself. when your time will come, your children will be the first ones to be proud of you!
hang in there! it gets easier!
lots of love and luck!
what is ‘your’ mantra?

Finding Yourself…
by: Arbie Goodfellow

Hello Olga,
Reading your story I have to say that we as women have so much that we do for others.
We constantly put others first and sometimes have no energy or time left for ourselves.
I have learned that we need to take care of ourselves, take time out to read, take a bubble bath, or make jewelry!
Please don’t feel that you are selfish to take some time out to do something that means something to you.
If your husband can watch the children for even just 1 hour a day. Or perhaps take off being a Wife and Mother for a few hours each week end and be the artist that you are! You will discover that you feel good and everyone in your family will benefit!
Everything does seem to take time…. there is no overnight success.
Your hard work will be rewarded in the end.
The more people you can show your jewelry to… the bigger your network will grow of customers.
Good Luck…. And take care!

by: Dangles2005

Hi Olga,
Don’t become dismayed, we have all been there. I have a husband, a daughter, a fulltime job. I also am the Soccer team mom and a Girl Scout leader, it is TRULY a juggling act to even get the jewelry making part in.

Your work IS beautiful, please try to focus on the positive. Everything happens in time, it just may not be on the timeline you have set. You certainly cannot worry about others who mimmick your work, there will always be people who will do that. Once you find your true customers, they will be loyal to you and be able to recognize your work from others who are copying.

I have been at it since 2005 and my sales are no where near what I planned for. So,this year I have decided to focus on marketing vs selling. My theory is if I step up my marketing game, the sales will come. I attend networking events in the evenings and organize my own shows. I am up to 2 a year (Mother’s Day and Christmas). I do collaborative shows with other artists and the Christmas show is on the 4th year. Customers know about it and look forward to it. I also send a monthly email to my customer list, this “helps” them not to forget that I make jewelry!

You may have to take some time and really plan out your goals and take baby steps to get there. Don’t give up, keep pressing forward and keep reaching out for help. The jewelry community is awesome and ladies in this forum will give you good guidance.

Wakeeta Rosser
I lost trust in my own forces-comment
by: cindy

Olga, you failed to mention how long you have been doing this. It does take alot of time, patience and work. Plus alot, and I stress, alot of networking.
I myself have been making jewelry for just over 1 year now; have a bunch of social networking friends, have over 200 people who have marked me as a “favorite” in my on-line shop, but not many sales! It will come around for you too. Don’t give up, keep working at your craft, and learn as much as you can! Best wishes!
by: Olga

You people are Awesome!

Thank you for encouraging me!

Draga Olga,
by: Adriana

esti din Moldova?Am o intrebare..de unde iei polymer clay-ul?ms anticipat

by: Olga

Draga Adriana…nu cred ca sunt in drept aici sa dau asa date…dar da “search”…ca sunt o gramada de magazine online ce vind..

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