Husband’s Handmade Display

by Jennifer McBride.
(Port Angeles, Washington USA)

JMcBride: Husband's Handmade Display 1

When I first started making jewelry my husband decided to make this because I didn’t have anywhere to put my finished pieces.

JMcBride: Husband's Handmade Display 2

He bought some supplies and it’s been holding jewelry ever since.

Jennifer McBride
Jen’s Crafty Creations
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  • Anne Perez says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Those are so cool. They look simple and elegant. Thanks for taking the time to share.
    Regards, Anne

  • Jennifer, what a great way to keep your jewelry organized, and easy to find specific pieces at a glance. It looks like it really holds a lot, and you can keep your earring pairs together as well as keeping necklaces from getting tangled. High five to your husband!

  • Brandie says:

    Great way to organize ! Thanks for sharing. I have the same issue with organization.

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