How to Sell My Jewelry with Limited Resources and Mobility?

by Amber.
I have no job due to being unable to work with the genetic disorder I have. I have plenty of jewelry made, but no car, no money left, and my boyfriend just lost his job yesterday.

My genetic disorder (Ehlers-Danlos type 3) causes my bones to dislocate extremely easily so that rules out walking very far, though I do live closer to a big city, I have nowhere I can get to easily to sell enough to help any.

People love some of my beadwork and I’ve yet to receive a negative comment, but only a few people buy anything. I just really don’t know what I can do.


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  • Hi Amber!

    Do you know anyone locally who may be able to help by providing transportation in exchange for jewelry?

    Or would it be possible to sell your jewelry to customers who could come over and shop at your home?

    Are you interested in selling your jewelry online? That may be a good option for you. We have a lot of discussions about that here:
    Selling Jewelry Online
    Etsy, Artfire, etc..

    This post has ideas for selling jewelry when you have limited mobility or other physical challenges:
    Selling Jewelry with a Disability (be sure to read through the comments on this post).

    Also, here is a resource that you may find helpful:
    Physically Challenged Artists Support Group – a friendly, helpful online forum group – they will likely have some great suggestions for you.

    I wish you every success, Amber – and please let us know how it goes for you! 🙂

  • Are there consignment shops you could sell through? What about boutiques. You could make special pieces that highlight the clothing they sell.

    I also love the idea of finding someone to do your marketing for you. You could offer them jewelry or teach them what you know. I have a background in marketing and I would have gladly traded my skills for jewelry.

  • Lissie says:

    Hi! First I will say that I am sorry that you have this disease. This is not something I would like anyone to have. I know it is a struggle and painful.

    My tip is: Invite friends and family to a jewelry party. And ask each of them to bring someone. You don’t need to serve so much more than some cookies and some tea/coffee. Your family is probably aware of the lack of money and ask if they should bring something. Display your jewelry up on a table with visible price tags. I am sure you will get a great evening and plenty of sales! Good luck with your sales!

  • Amber says:

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I’m already a part of the Physically Challenged Artists Support Group, and there is one lady who stops by sometimes and buys a little bit of my jewelry when she has extra money. Dealing with shipping is one of the things keeping me from selling jewelry online along with not being too good with technology sometimes.

    As far as selling in shops, I’d rather sell it wholesale to the shop rather than consignment. I’d be too worried about my pieces breaking, and any kind of stress leaves me with massive headaches. And I would gladly teach someone how to make jewelry/give them some jewelry in exchange for them marketing my jewelry.

    And I would love to have a jewelry party, but I do not have enough room anywhere to have one.

  • Lissie says:

    Hi again!
    If you love to have a jewelry party but don’t have enough room.
    Ask a friend or a neightbour to hold a party.
    Give her a jewelry gift as a thank you. Or you could do as Tupper Wear.
    They have a list on gift based on number of people attending and how much sales the evening bring.

  • Amber says:

    I’ll try that maybe after I move in a few weeks, since I’m still going to be around the same area. I’m also in the process of trying to get a job as a jewelry instructor at a nearby craft store. I’m not sure if I will get the job, but I know they haven’t had a jewelry instructor there in a long time due to the over-complicated application process.

  • Lissie says:

    Best of luck with your moving and I hope you get the job!

  • Maxine says:

    Amber, I sympathize with you. Due to visual problems I cannot drive, and live in a rural area. Concerning your shipping problem, I might suggest using USPS online shipping. It is usually a bit cheaper and you don’t have to go to the post office. I slip my packages into my mailbox and the mailman takes care of them.
    If you are getting payment through Paypal, you can use their shipping and label system for a very small fee. Good luck to you.

  • Facebook has proved to be my most effective selling base and it’s all free. You can start a separate business page and reach numerous people with one post. I also share every single post on my personal page as well. Networking is key, and FB is great for that. I’ve also started a blog and entered numerous blog hop competitions to get my name out there. Bead Soup Cafe on FB is an amazing resource of jewelry makers from all sorts of perspectives. I live in a very rural area, so I concur with what Maxine said. I got a small postal scale and print all my labels from home (which includes free tracking).

  • Sharon says:

    Yes I have mine in 2 salons, one resort and one local store in town. I do about 500 I month. I go there the 15 th and the 30 th to check and bring new or switch them out. With the four I can rotate .

  • To Amber, there is a website called Picture Trail and for the first year it is free and I have been using it for years and it works well for me But, before you can post pictures on PT, you have to have them in a website (like Picasa) so they are ready to be posted on PT. Also, here in NC in Chapel Hill, there is a NC Craft Gallery where the owner only takes items that are made in NC and she has a lot of jewelry for sale. She will do a 40/60 split (?) or if you want the price you have for the pieces/s, she will mark it up about 40%. I did once on a necklace she had and said I wanted the $35 price I had, so she marked it up to $59 and sold it.

    Another suggestion would be to send out a postcard or note saying that you are making jewelry (if letter include picture or some kind of description about your pieces)and would love for the person/s to call or visit you to see your jewelry.

    One other suggestion, if you know of anyone who sells Avon, Mary Kay or other items, and you know they have customers, ask the person if they would tell their customers about you and your jewelry. I have been selling jewelry for 40 years and for 17 years sold Avon and even though Avon has jewelry, my Avon customers were also my jewelry customers and now that I no longer sell Avon, most of my customers are still my jewelry customers.

    Sorry for being longwinded, just hoping to help you out.

  • Linda says:

    Hi Amber, I would also suggest jewellery parties where you could pay the householder a percentage of your sales encouraging the host to help with the sales. I also have EDS joint hypermobility type and M.E, i get how frustrating day to day existence can be. Good luck. Linda.

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