How to Prevent Tool Marks on Jewelry Metal?

by Suzy.

How to Prevent Tool Marks on Jewelry Metals?  Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I’m a bit new at jewelry making and I’ve noticed that my pliers are now making marks in the metals I am working on.

What do you recommend? New set of pliers or is there another way to have them last longer?

Thanks so much for your time.


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  • Sarah S. says:

    first thing is to make sure you are using pliers designed for jewelry work. they should not have any ridges/teeth. Next, you can pad the pliers with masking tape or with a rubber product such as tool magic. You can also look into get nylon jawed pliers.

  • Suzy, great tips from Sarah above! Also, you may find more helpful tips in my video, 6 Ways to Make Higher Quality Wire Jewelry.

  • Mimi A says:

    You may also want to invest in a tumbler and tumble your piece with stainless steel shot when it is finished. Not all jewelry should be tumbled with shot…best to look up what metal you are working in first.
    Also, as you get used to working with pliers your ‘death grip’ will lessen, I promise!

  • Nancy Bailey says:

    A metal file works well to get out any marks. We get special small files from Rio Grande Jewelry Supply. Because we work with sterling silver, it does tend to mar easily.

  • Dee Stillman says:

    You could wrap the ends of your pliers with a small piece of blue painter’s tape. That will provide cushion without compromising the grip.

  • Deb says:

    I have tried many things, duck tape works rather well (but needs replacing often). I also keep an eyeglass cloth handy and use that to protect the “front” of the piece of wire, between the tool and the wire.

  • Pamela Paskell says:

    I found electricians tape does it for me. It wraps tight around the plier ends and lasts for a while.

  • Christine Rehkop says:

    I use Tool Magic on my jewelry tools, it helps prevent marring your creations.

  • Charlene Anderson says:

    I love Tool Magic…does a great job and can be easily removed. You can find it on Amazon.

  • Helen Culwell says:

    I’m another user of Tool Magic and suggest trying that method of mar protection.

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