How to Market Niche Jewelry Business

by Karen Lemenze.
(Nanuet, New York)

Flower Petal Keepsake Bracelet

I know of a few people that sell polymer keepsake jewelry and rosaries in my area.
I thought they did nice work but didn’t like the solid color of the beads. I’ve spent close to two years inventing a crystal clear bead to embed the flowers into. I have a website and a storefront.

I’ve used Adwords and other sources of advertising that cost a lot of money with no
results. The service side of my business is preserving wedding flowers, funeral flowers or any flowers from a special occasion and fashioning them into keepsakes.

Does anyone have any ideas how to market such a niche business? Thanks in advance for your help.

Karen Lemenze


by: Rita Juhlin

You might consider contacting anyone and everyone that has anything to do with weddings. Make a list, of florists, wedding shops, salons, etc.

Take your brochure, business card, and the best example of your work along with the brightest eyes and the biggest smile and hit the road.

Marketing Your Product
by: Tracy May

Great idea, and lovely work .I would also see about attending bridal shows, which really get going in the late winter.I have seen smaller(less
expensive ) ones held at different venues that host weddings, such as golf courses, church halls etc.
Best of luck. Tracy

Flower Petal Keepsake Marketing
by: Linda Grandstaff


What about checking with the maternity wards of your local hospitals. Between the proud papa buying flowers for the new mom or friends and family sending flowers to the hospital. A perfect way to keep a special memento of a childs arrival in the world. When I gave birth over 20 years ago my husband sent me a dozen red roses and a dozen pink for our daughter, would have loved to be able to wear those many years later.

Find your selling niche
by: Anonymous

Pretty much agreeing with the above comments. Take your idea, samples and business cards to the places that deal with flowers. Flower shops, bridal stores, funeral parlours, maternity wards.
Maybe sample photographs in a little book that show what you do – targeting the different places. (You probably wouldn’t put images of funeral flower samples in a maternity ward).

Good luck. It’s a wonderful idea!

flower jewelry
by: Anonymous

How about making jewelry in different price ranges just to draw them in and see your other items. Some people would love to have your jewelry but can’t afford them.. Try a few in a much lower price and see what happens… Also advertise your items or see if you can put a few items in a bridal boutique with business cards. My father died when I just turned 13 and I would have loved to have had a necklace of the rose on the pillow. You make beautiful items.. Don’t give up.. I agree with the other comments.. Take your items and a smile and get out there and convince them to buy your product… They are worth alot in just the memory…

Find some partners
by: Charmed Identities

My best suggestion is to create a joint venture with local floral shops. They already have your customer, and for a percentage of the sale, I’m sure you could find one or two who would be willing to sell on your behalf. You could also look for funeral homes that would be willing to add your product to their list of products and services.

Your pieces are gorgeous, and I really think you could do extremely well with this concept. You might also find affiliates online who are selling products to those who are going through the grieving process.

Special Memories
by: Karen

I agree with everyone else, and also might suggest checking with funeral homes and such too. This is a beautiful idea and something special for loved ones to retain the memories of their dearly departed.

Funeral homes
by: Anonymous

I don’t know if this is taking advantage or not, but if you know anyone with a funeral home, perhaps they could put a brochure of yours or a shadow box with a sample or two up in their lobbies, or common areas. I’ve seen such things in funeral homes. Even if you just put one larger bead on a chain in a clear type box with a small advertising blurb…
You might consider, as someone said, items at a lower price point, perhaps one bead on a chain with a pretty bail, or an “add-a-bead” type thing that people could add to with the birth of children, anniversaries, etc. It wouldn’t cost a fortune each time, and you would have repeat business.
I like your items, but in this economy, could not afford them, no matter how much I wanted them. The times you most want that type thing is when you have to spend the most $$$, funerals, births, etc.

Prices and website
by: Deborah

I think your items are absolutely gorgeous and think that if you were able to offer items at a lower costs you would do well.

Plus I found that I was having to click through two or three pages in order to get to the price which doesn’t bode well. I think there’s something to the psychological process of not seeing a price early on that hints to the potential buyer that they may not be able able afford the item.

It also occurs to me that you could maybe use your front page to promote the idea to brides and new parents first and foremost, with less emphasis on funeral flowers. With a little revamp of your landing page, some changes to the language used (get a trusted friend to proof-read and take a look at how bridal accessories sites use their language to pull potential buyers in) and more emphasis on celebratory jewelry I think that you would begin to hit your niche a little harder. Plus, if you revamp your site to appeal to the bridal/parent market first and foremost you would have a better product to offer to bridal fairs and such.

Good luck because you have a lovely and unique product.

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