Submitting Your Images to JMJ

by the Jewelry Making Journal Team.

Submitting your images to the Jewelry Making Journal Gallery is a fairly straightforward process.

blue-folder-clip-artFirst, you need to know where your images are saved on your computer.

The easiest thing to do, after you’ve edited your images to look their best, is to save them all to a folder on your computer’s desktop, or some other folder in your computer that’s easy for you to remember and navigate to.

Next, go to the Jewelry Making Journal Gallery submission form. Once you’re there, fill in all the info. ~ Don’t forget some original, conversation starting text about your work.

Below the text box, you’ll come to the image upload boxes. You have the option to send us anywhere from one to four images. You submit them one at a time, and each is done the exact same way.

Here’s how:

First, click on the submission form’s “Browse” button and go to the folder where you’ve saved your images on your computer.

Once you’re at the folder, click to open it, then find the first image you want to submit.

Click, (or double-click depending on your computer settings) on that first image and that’s it.


You will see that image file name appear next to the “Browse” button.


Now move to the next image upload field and  follow the same steps until you’ve submitted all the images you want.

You can also add captions to each image if you’d like.

Then fill out the rest of the form. Agree to the JMJ publishing terms and click “Submit”.

That’s all there is to it. 🙂

Your gallery entry will come right to us and you should hear from us in the next few days confirming the status of your submission.

~ the Jewelry Making Journal Team.