How to Make a Pendant – a Fast, Easy Tutorial

by Rena Klingenberg. © 2003-Present Rena Klingenberg. All Rights Reserved

How to Make a Pendant - a Fast, Easy Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

how to make a wire pendant

This “how to make a pendant” tutorial is one of my favorite projects. It’s fast and easy, uses only a small amount of wire, and offers loads of opportunities for creative variety.

Also, whenever I make these they sell like crazy!

It’s fun to make different decorative wire designs for the front of this pendant style. Pendants by Rena Klingenberg.

It’s fun to make different decorative wire designs for the front
of this pendant style. Pendants by Rena Klingenberg.

Tutorial: How to Make a Pendant

Skill Level: Beginner.

Supplies and Tools:

* 1 pendant-size stone or other object, with a hole drilled front-to-back.

* 1 piece of 20-gauge round wire – about 6 inches (15 cm) long.

* Chain nose pliers.

* Round nose pliers.

* Flat nose pliers.

* Side cutters.


For this tutorial I’m using an olive jasper stone that measures about 45 mm x 35 mm.

I’m going to make a simple wire spiral for the front design on my pendant here, but please feel free to get as creative as you like with your pliers if you don’t want a spiral! :o)

Start making the wire design that will grace the front of your pendant stone. Here I’m beginning my spiral, using round nose pliers:

I’m growing my spiral by gripping it with my chain nose pliers, while the fingers of my other hand continue to curve more wire around the spiral:

When you’ve finished your design (whether it’s a spiral or something else) – hold your wire design so its top end points up. If necessary, bend your wire stem so that it points straight up also:

Now use your flat nose pliers to make a 90-degree bend in your stem wire:

. . . and thread your stem wire through the hole in your pendant stone.

Your spiral (or other wire design you’ve just made) is on the front side of your stone:

Now, while pressing your wire design tightly against the front of your stone, bend the stem wire straight upward:

Use your round nose pliers to start shaping your pendant’s bail:

Keep using your round nose pliers to make nice even bends as you create the rest of your bail.

I try to make my bails large enough to accommodate any size chain or cord, including the smaller end of whatever clasp that chain / cord may have. 
My jewelry customers often say they appreciate that my bails are such a useable size.

When you’ve finished shaping your bail, use the remaining stem wire to make several nice, neat wraps below the bail.

As always, the secret to easy, even wraps is to pull the winding wire so it’s very taut, and wind it firmly around the stem wire.

Grip your bail with your flat nose pliers while you wrap:

When you’re finished wrapping, use your side cutter to clip off any remaining wrap wire. Then use your chain nose pliers to clamp that cut wire end down tightly.

Important Tip: On the finished pendant, it’s best if this cut wire end is not on the back side of the pendant, where it might scratch the skin or snag the clothes of the person wearing it.

So (as you can see below) when I clip off the excess wrap wire, I leave just enough wire to bend around to the side of the main wire stem before clamping it down:

Here’s the pendant I just now made – in only a couple of minutes!

Now that you know how to make a pendant this easy way, have fun creating variations of this design!

And of course, you can add extra effects to your wire – hammering, oxidizing, etc.

If you use an interesting variety of pendant stones / found objects for this project, I think you’ll find it’s a popular and profitable jewelry line to add to your display.

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