How to Create Original Jewelry and Get the Word Out?

Julia Chong.

Hi. I have been interested to make jewelry for a while.

While it is difficult to find time and schools offering courses on jewelry making, I have been reading up and watching tutorials to learn the basics of jewelry-making.

I am still a green horn and would probably need a lot more practice to make it perfect.

I have a few questions for you:

1. I am not that creative with original ideas but I know what is trendy when I see one. So, how do I go about creating original pieces, without modifying other people’s design to sell as my own?

2. My friend is also in jewelry making business. When I look at the designs that she had created, I get a bit depressed and dejected because I keep thinking that other people are better than me. How do I get out of this mentality and just go forth without fear?

3. How do I start telling people about my business? Due to time constraint at this moment, I don’t have the time to make a lot of pieces of jewelry. So where and what can I start?

I chance upon your website and I think it’s cool!!!

Thanking you in advance for your advise.

Julia Chong

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