How to Create Original Jewelry and Get the Word Out?

Julia Chong.

Hi. I have been interested to make jewelry for a while.

While it is difficult to find time and schools offering courses on jewelry making, I have been reading up and watching tutorials to learn the basics of jewelry-making.

I am still a green horn and would probably need a lot more practice to make it perfect.

I have a few questions for you:

1. I am not that creative with original ideas but I know what is trendy when I see one. So, how do I go about creating original pieces, without modifying other people’s design to sell as my own?

2. My friend is also in jewelry making business. When I look at the designs that she had created, I get a bit depressed and dejected because I keep thinking that other people are better than me. How do I get out of this mentality and just go forth without fear?

3. How do I start telling people about my business? Due to time constraint at this moment, I don’t have the time to make a lot of pieces of jewelry. So where and what can I start?

I chance upon your website and I think it’s cool!!!

Thanking you in advance for your advise.

Julia Chong

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  • Tamara says:

    Hi Julia,

    I would suggest you start with one basic technique, and practice and experiment with that. For me, I started with beading. Learn the techniques for the findings, what stringing material you like (Beadalon is a good product), and see what kinds and colours of beads you like. Even a simple beaded necklace can show your own flair by your choices, and even more so if you add a pendant. Or if you’re more of a wire girl, learn some basic wire-wrapping techniques.

    Or start by focusing on one product such as earrings (like Rena did) or bracelets. Learn different styles and find the style you love to make. Take the time to find what really excites you to work with, and take the time to practice techniques. There’s lots of tutorials and info on this site to help you and motivate you. As you learn and make jewellery, your expertise and your confidence will grow, as well as your inventory. Just use whatever time you have, and at the right time do a little home party or try a sale of some type. It all takes time.

  • Anna says:

    Hello Julia
    First, you should never compare your work with someone else’s. That takes away from what you are creating. If you look at someone else’s jewellery and think wow that is so fantastic, then look at yours and think yours stinks. Well, did you know that that person’s fantastic jewellery, is fantastic because they spent the time to learn to be fantastic. Or maybe they have been creating for many, many years. So how can you possibly compare your work as a beginner to someone who has been creating and putting in the effort for along time. You can’t.

    So, if you look at your work, and know that you have done the very best you could possibly do at that moment, then your work will start to look beautiful to you. You will start to take pride in your work, and feel optimistic that you too, with dedication, effort, hard work, committment, and loving what you do will bring forth. You will start to feel that excitement every time you master a technique and create a piece that excites you.

    In an age where, quick results are so common, we tend to forget that in creativity, we don’t just wave a magic wand and their is the beautiful necklace. No, we all have had to learn, and practise. Just as you must learn the skills to create, and yes, let the creative energy flow so you too will have that fantastic piece of jewellery.

    Does a teacher get a teaching job, before they learned how to teach, or how to read and write? does a painter have a show in a gallery before they have learned how to paint? Focus on one technique at a time, master that technique, then move forward. Get truly great at each technique for as you learn and as you expand your abilities, all those techniques will flow into creating that great piece you have wanted to create.

    As for originality, that will start to manifest as you practise your jewellery techniques. I have found that as you find what you truly love to do, what you are good at, will lead you to finding your own originality. And remember, all techniques are part of what we all do, whether they are ancient techniques or modern techniques, its what we do with those techniques that gives us our originality.

    Practise, practise, practise, and any mistakes you make along the way are not mistakes at all, they are simply, another way to learn what works and what does not work. Have fun, love what you do, and don’t give up. Everything takes time, and as the saying goes, all great things are worth waiting, and working for. Have a great journey into the art of jewellery making.

  • Beverly Holman says:

    Hi Julia:
    Don’t rush. I have learned, but it’s hard, not to compare your jewelry with others. Each piece you create has one signature difference–they were created by you. Your personality goes into every piece you create. While others’ jewelry looks good to you, yours may look good to them. These things I learned from talking with other seasoned jewelry makers.

    Practice, Practice, Practice is the best instructions you can get. The more you work at it, the more you find that any mistake you make can be corrected. I still laugh at my first piece I made. Wore it and it fell apart in my hands. Wanted to give up but I was encouraged to keep trying and now I am at a place where I have sold a few pieces and feel confidence that they will last.

    Best way to advertise your jewelry is to wear it. When someone comments about it, tell them that it’s one-of-kind handcrafted, made by you.

    In the beginning I thought I didn’t have a creativity bone in my body, but since I have been creating jewelry, I am better at matching colors because more and more of my creativity seems to come out. You will see, just keep at it. Don’t quit,

  • Hi Julia!

    Tamara, Anna, and Beverly have shared some fantastic insights for you.

    And if it helps any, here’s how I stopped comparing myself to other jewelry artists.

    Comparing does us more harm than good – because nearly always we see our work and our talents as “less than” the other artist’s.

    So instead, surround yourself with jewelry supplies and tools that excite you. Cultivate the practice of creating what you’re inspired to create, and appreciating it.

    Also practice appreciating other jewelry artists’ work and considering it as completely unrelated to your own work.

    I hope you’ll share some of your jewelry creations here when you’re ready, Julia – we’d love to see what you’re working on! 🙂

  • Necessity is the mother of invention…go ahead and try making someone else’s design that you like. When you find you don’t have all the same materials the original designer used, substitute things you do have, and let the piece evolve. It will become your own, and as you continue to make jewelry, you will come up with more and more of your own elements and style, sometimes out of necessity, sometimes because your creativity is kicking in. Those original designs will recede, and now you will realize they were your source of inspiration.

  • Julia Chong says:

    Thank you ladies for the inspiring words. I am truly encouraged!!!!! 🙂

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