How Much Cash Should I Have on Hand to Make Change?

by Andrea.

jmj-question-mark-maroon-on-blue-sky-green-leaves-200x200-jI’m doing my first ‘event’ this weekend (one day only) that is estimated to have anywhere from 500-700 people throughout a 9-hour period.

My jewelry is priced from, roughly, $15  to $35  and I know people will go to their bank or ATM before arriving, but I’m at a loss how much cash I should have on hand.

I can usually hit up a family member for a few singles or a $5. if I’m having a garage sale, but this is obviously much different. Should I have 50 singles, 5 $10’s and 8 $5’s…? Should I get a mix of $200.00 overall…?

I will be using Square for credit card purchases and it may not be but a minimal factor, but I absolutely want to be as prepared as possible.
Thank you all!

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