How Do You See the Value in Your Work?

by Amanda.
(Ontario Canada)

I’ve just started the idea of selling my macrame jewelry, the problem is the time it takes!

Rainbow moonstone with a lovely caribbean blue cord wrapping.

Rainbow moonstone with a lovely caribbean blue cord wrapping.

I’m as fast as I’m going to get, and I try to be as time-effective as possible. The problem is with my speed, even something simple like a pendant takes about 3 hours.

I’m thinking of only charging minimum wage for my time in order to keep the final price reasonable.  Some of my friends are very supportive, and say charge what my time is worth, others say it’s too expensive.

My problem is seeing the value in my own work. How do you look at something and decide it’s value?

To me they’re all special, and they mean a lot to me, but with value I’m a little stumped (It’s cord and stones!). I will not sell patterns, it’d be like selling a part of my soul and I can’t do it.

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