How Do I Start A Jewelry Business With A Low Budget?

by Crissey.

I am in the process of starting my jewelry business. I had a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce this morning and I’m extremely excited.

Dangle earrings

Dangle earrings

My issue is that I’m caught in the cycle of needing money to make money. I need to join the Chamber to expand my business, but it’s out of budget right now.

I should be doing shows to boost my earnings, but at this point, I need creative ways to display with minimum cost.

How do you get your business started with very little extra funds to put into it at the beginning?

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  • Hi Crissey! If you’re looking for creative ways to display your jewelry with minimum cost, be sure to go through our Jewelry Display Ideas section here on JMJ. There are over 500 posts in that category, many with do-it-yourself displays and packaging that look really professional.

    One of the least expensive ways to sell your work is to have a friend or relative host a home jewelry party. At a good party you could earn more than enough to cover your Chamber of Commerce fee. Good hostesses might be your mom, aunts, friends, neighbors – (the best hostesses are people who have a lot of friends to invite to the party). See my tips for a Home Jewelry Party.

    If you know anyone who owns a business such as a shop, restaurant, etc., you may be able to set up a jewelry table there during business hours, and split your earnings with the business owner.

    There are a lot of ways you can start selling without having to lay out any cash first. I recommend that you comb through the Jewelry Business section here on JMJ. We have over 600 posts in that section, and while not every post is a business idea, many have innovative ideas that will make you go “A-ha!” 🙂

    Wishing you much success with your new jewelry business, Chrissey!

  • Chula Camp says:

    Aha!!! The origami gift bag I referred to on my recent post is actually known as a drinking cup. Very basic origami and easy to learn and make. All you need to start with is a square piece of paper.

    San Francisco CA

  • Judith says:

    This is a tip from another website: start with just a few designs (or variations on just a few, like one design in several colors). That way you can order supplies in bulk at the lowest cost per piece, and will be able to make your pieces more affordable too. You will be establishing a clear identity that way too.

  • Chula Camp says:

    Hi Crissey,
    Rena has some great pointers here. A low cost option for sure is a Home Show also called Trunk Shows. You can start small with your first Home show at a family or friends home. You can use their dining table for your display. I find that earrings are an easy sell. One size usually fits most and often many are sold as gifts.
    You can make your own earring cards (2×3, 3×4 etc) with heavy paper stock often found in the scrap booking section of an Art and Craft supply shop. I use Avery labels to print out my name and info and then adhere to the earring cards.
    You can also find business size cards on line that florists use as enclosures for their clients. They come in packs of 100, a variety of designs, cheap and another alternative for earring cards.
    You can make cute origami gift bags with just about any recycled paper for your packaging. I often look in the bargain bin at the craft stores for discontinued scrap book paper in the 12 x 12 inch size. You can also use calendars or glamor magazine pages.
    Good luck to you !
    San Francisco

  • Crissey Jones says:

    Great ideas! Thank you!!! I’ve done some research into local shows. There a few that are only $15-$20 to do, so those sound like a good place to start. Also, my fiancé is giving me my Chamber membership for my birthday. I’m so motivated!!!

    What a great idea to make my own earring cards. Brilliant!

  • That’s fantastic, Crissey! It sounds like you’re on your way. I’d love to hear about your progress! Wishing you all the best.

  • I started mine with a $15 investment and Facebook. I created a FB page for my first creations, and as things sold, I invested in more supplies. All my profits for the first half a year or so went directly back into my business, at first supplies, later I started doing some investing. I also set up an Etsy shop and joined some promotional teams, set up a blog too, though I’m not a huge blogger, but I needed a place to refer people to for options for their pieces. 90% of my business is custom work, so I didn’t actually make the pieces until they had been ordered. 90% of my Etsy shop items are not made yet, they are images of things I have made, but when people order them, I make them to size, so I don’t have a lot of stock in the house.

    I do want to go into more brick and mortar shops, so will try focusing on building up stock that I can leave at a store. But, for starting a small business on a low budget I would say:

    1. Set up a FB page and work on building it up. Sign up to some newsletters that will give good advice on running a FB business page without annoying the heck out of your friends/fans.
    2. Set up an Etsy shop and join a promotional team or two, get your name out there.

    And just let people around you know what you are doing, start spreading the word around.

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