How Do I Make Small Cabochons Look Bigger?

by Susan Kendall.
(United States)

question-mark-001I am looking for help on how to take a small insignificant cabochon, say 18mm round, and use other items to make the entire piece look larger and give more impact to the small cab; this one for a pendant.

Years ago I saw a site where a small cab such as a 20 x 20 mm square cab had been glued to a filigree, and then they had glued a rhinestone chain around the outer edge; then they kept adding more and more layers until they built it out about 2″ square!

It was absolutely awesome but now I can’t find it online! I can’t remember anything else they did to it specifically now that I want to do it myself.

Now I think that site is no longer online and all searches have come back unsuccessful; so any help you all would have will be tremendously appreciated.

Thank you I am just starting out!

Susan Kendall
Susan Kendall Designs

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  • Susan, this post here at JMJ may give you some ideas – although this artist isn’t using a cabochon, she’s making a collage by attaching components to a larger brass filigree piece:
    Floral Cluster Pendant.

  • Susan,

    If you visit you will find a wide variety of brass, copper, silver, wood and plastic elements. You can glue or rivet your findings to these decorative backings. They are price quite reasonably at $4-$5. Here’s a link to get started:

    You can also Google other jewelry supply sites, such as Fire Mountain or Rio Grande Jewelry supply, to find interesting shapes to add your cabochon and other elements.

    Another search possibility is Etsy, for “vintage” odds and ends under “supplies” – You’ll probably have as much fun searching through all the possibilities as you will making it!

    Have fun and make lots of jewelry!


  • Nicole Green says:

    Go to Pinterest and type “cabochon seed beads”. You will find all kinds of ideas to build up your cab as far as you want to go. The cab is first glued to a backing such as Lacy’s stiff stuff. From there, seed beads are sewn around the cab, row after row. There are all kinds of beautiful design ideas.

  • Barbara says:

    Hi Susan,
    This might be the site you’re looking for
    Hope it helps.

  • >