How Do I Legally Manufacture My Designs?

by S.

question-mark-originalI would like to start a jewelry manufacturing, but I am not sure what I am able and not able to do. For, example, am I able to create my bracelets/necklaces, etc. designs, and manufacture them if I am using other companies’ charms, beads, findings, etc.?

I would like to create my own charm designs, but I would also like to use charms that are available already. Also, if I am able to use other companies’ elements, could the created bracelet/necklace, etc. designs be copyrighted or is that not even practical?

Also, do big companies like Pandora, OC Tanner, etc. have designers that design everything- charms, findings, in other words all parts for their jewelry, or do they borrow parts from other companies?

Thank you!


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