by Emerald.
(Indiana, USA)

Nervous, scared, broke, and 57 years old. I currently work two jobs (full and part time), I have B.S. in Business Administration and make less than 25k a year. 🙁



First of all, you’re not alone…
by: Rena

You have a group of jewelry friends here who are pulling for you, Emerald!

Now, I’m assuming you make jewelry, or you would have posted on a different website. :o)

So here are some ideas for selling your jewelry that are a likely fit with your current situation:

With your two jobs, I’m sure you have co-workers who wear jewelry and have gift-giving needs. Here are some great ideas for selling jewelry in the workplace – even in workplaces where you have to do it discreetly.

Also, make sure you always wear your jewelry everywhere you go – this is a great way to make unexpected sales and connections that will help your jewelry business advance.

With your business connections, what about selling your jewelry as business gifts? You’d be amazed at what a market there is for this – businesses always have gift-giving needs to fill.

You might also try putting together jewelry grab bags.

Also, your local Chamber is a fantastic resource that can really get your jewelry business on the fast road to lots of sales.

I hope these ideas give you a starting point, Emerald! Taking action is always a much better feeling than being frozen with fear.

Please remember we’re here and we care – and I’m sure more advice and ideas for you will be coming soon!

by: Randy P

Check your area for the Small Business Administration. They have some really great seminars (most of them free). Plus, they may have some loans available that could help get your jewelry business going full blast.

by: Dottie

If you need supplies, talk to friends about jewelry they don’t want anymore, several of mine gave me pieces I reworked and combined with others for something new and unique. Also, garage and estate sales for pieces.
An idea that’s been successful for me is to have clients give me charms, single earrings,rings etc. (things that mean a lot to them) I then string and put them on a necklace and market it as a “Memory Necklace”. Very popular….Most working women can’t wear charm bracelets and this is very similar only around the neck!
Good Luck and hang in there. Things WILL get better!

Afaid… Aren’t we all?! LOL
by: BA

Esmerald, welcome to the real world! Woman, you have two jobs so you aren’t afraid of hard work! Now, hold up your head, stick out your chest and start promoting yourself! Rena has given you some great tips and I’m giving you a hug and kick in the butt…. Wear your work… Talk yourself up! Go to venues where you can talk you work up! If you are deluding yourself about the quality of your work… then you have to get honest with yourself… There are no quick fixes, just hard work, determination, and thick skin! LOL Selling/Marketing is hard, but it is learned behaviour… As with anything in life… if you want to succeed, you have to do it yourself! LOL (A sense of humor helps!)

I understand…
by: Jewels On A Whim

I know this economy has been hard on every one. But, I can appreciate and understand your fear. Working two jobs etc. you have a lot on your plate! Does it seem like it’s becoming “normal” for most women these days? I feel stressed and I don’t have 2 jobs. But, I’ve had my struggles. I’m not sure I have any advice for you and your jewelry business. Possibly, exploring new options for jewelry items. Recycling is a big seller. Maybe there’s something you use all the time and throw out…that could be used as a jewelry finding or even a focal component. Just try to keep positive. And, believe in yourself. You should already…you are strong…2 jobs etc.. Be proud of yourself. You deserve it.


by: Emerald

Thanks for the advice. You all have provided me with the “go ahead”. Thanks again and I look forward to more conversations.

by: JeaneMargherite

Okay, the first time I decided to show my jewelry to my local area, I held and “open house” in my home…several friends offered to bring snacks and I made a spiked punch to offer my guests, almost no money invested.

I decorated the living room like I would a booth in a show, with solid colored cloth, and put my jewelry on cake plates, tiers and any other kind of “entertaining” tableware I had (don’t forget lighting…I pulled lights from all over the house)and had a few friends giving me moral support.

I invited everyone whose name I recognized in the school phone book – you could start with folks you work with – make a simple invitation to your “Jewelry Open House” on your computer, let people know there will be snacks and drinks and make it more of a casual gathering than a way to be in business…you may be nervous, but if you just go about as if you are having a party with your friends, co workers, family and neighbors, there is less pressure. Even if you don’t sell a single thing, there are people who now know about what your talent is, and are willing to promote you by word of mouth, and it costs almost nothing!! My first one went AMAZINGLY well, just feel the fear and do it anyway!! : )

Good Luck!!

Trust Me…I know exactly how you feel
by: Lainie

I was laid off a few months ago and have no prospects for jobs at all. My jewelry business is my only hope and I have just started. I wish you luck. All of the women have offered great advice and if you keep going it will work out for you.

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