Handpainted Natural Leaves

by Lyn Deutsch.

Nature and especially leaves have inspired artists, poets, and craftsmen to create beautiful artworks, jewellery, decors and more.

Handpainted natural leaves jewellery

I thought why not make real leaves into jewellery pieces. I picked up some leaves from my yard and there are just infinite ideas that came to mind.

Handpainted natural leaf bangles, necklace and earrings

I handpaint each leaf taking care that the beautiful veins still show but dramatized each with a fusion of 4 to 6 colors including some metallics.

Handpainted natural leaves: armbands, earrings, bangles

To preserve the leaves, I brushed them with coats of clear resin. At this stage, you can also shape the leaves into rings, bangles, armbands, or charms to hang on necklaces. The result is what you see here. What do you think?

Lyn Deutsch

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