Hand Stamped Initial Necklaces

by Melissa Subatch.
(Peekskill, New York, USA)

Hand stamped initial on sterling silver, with Swarovski dangle

I started by making myself a hand stamped initial necklace. The first time I wore it could not stop the flow of requests for them.

It started me on a whole new adventure into jewelry design.

I have made jewelry on and off for years but had forgotten how much I really really love it.

Although I still have a full time job as an art director I am into my second year of moving toward this as my career.

The picture shows a Sterling Silver 5/8″ disc stamped, with a green Swarovski crystal on an 18″ chain.

Melissa Subatch

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Jewelry Designs by Melissa Subatch


Simple, Personal, and Lovely
by: Rena

I can see why these have been so popular for you, especially with the customized Swarovski color to accompany the initial!

Thanks for sharing this wearable, beautiful necklace here.

Stamp necklace
by: Sugar2

I liked your stamp necklace. I also enjoy the stamp pieces. I am now trying to find the script hand stamps that dont cost you your first born! Although sometimes I might consider it! LOL Not true I love my kids. 🙂 Your braclets are also very nice.
Well Have a great day

Sugar 2
by: Melissa

Sugar 2, you can find the script stamps at Beadeducation.com, they are a bit pricey though. but you might want to check them out

Script Stamps
by: frenchelegantjewelry

Rings and things just got a new line of script stamps for $82 1/8 inch letters. I love my stamps. They are great for making personalized pendants, and I also make true love waits pendants which are my biggest seller.

Great looking necklace
by: Anonymous

I love this idea. What size stamp do you use? Yours looks like a good size and most I see are 1/16″.


Simply Elegant!
by: Kathy

These necklaces are timeless in style and so customizable! Kudos to you and best wishes for tons of sales! You are an inspiration!

Love Waits
by: Anna

what are love waits pendants?

Hand Stamped Initial Necklace
by: Cynthia C

You have such beautiful creations. Do you know where could I get those stamps & tools required ? Would you be able to show how to do the hand-stamped initials?


very cool
by: Angela

I have been looking into adding stamped metals into my jewelry, too. This is a beautiful yet simple piece… Love it!!

I believe she was talking about the saying “true love waits”. Great idea!! 🙂

Angela Robison

Sterling Silver discs
by: Pam

How much do the sterling silver discs cost? This is such a great idea. For how much do you sell these pendant necklaces?

Very Neat!!!
by: Dorothy

I love the idea of the crystal added. I bet some of your clients have asking for birthday colors to match their initials. Again great idea and great work!!!!

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