Gypsy Deluxe Business Card

by Carolina Gonzalez.
(Canary Islands, Spain)

Since I am opening a new boutique for my jewelry and accessories, the first thing I needed to do was spreading a few dozens of business cards with the new web address to mostly everyone I know :).

This card was made (and a Spanish version for my local customers) in Photoshop CS by me.

The background is the one I will use for my shop listings, and if you check the address on the card you’ll see that the fonts, colours and motifs on the shop and blog are the same, creating a cohesive look and branding my product line.

As others have stated, a good pic of one of your most impressive pieces is a must. The bigger, the better! – something people forget often when designing business cards is that, though the image and text may look great on your computer screen, the real size of a business card when printed makes most examples simply unreadable. This also applies to the lines of text, which I’ve kept to the minimum.

I print them at home as I have a pro printer, in super-glossy fine arts print cardboard – a bit too expensive? My jewelry is mostly high-end priced, so cheap business cards would definitely give the wrong impression.

In a few months I will change the photo and, using the same template, will print a new batch so my repeating customers can have a mini-photo book of my work on their wallets – and of course show it to their friends!

Carolina Gonzalez


Card Captures the Spirit of Your Business!
by: Rena

Hi Carolina,

I love this card – the background sets the mood without overpowering the text, and the text is clear and simple.

I LOVE your idea for making “collectible” business cards with different pictures of your work. Also that the ever-changing cards will give your repeat customers the feeling that there’s always something new to see.

BTW, I love the Gypsy Deluxe-style jeweled and ribboned bracelet you made for me. It’s very comfortable, gorgeously detailed, and gets tons of compliments.

If my bracelet is any indication, I’m sure your Gypsy Deluxe customers will quickly find themselves addicted to the treasures in your new shop!

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful new card and ideas.

Thank You So Much Rena!
by: Carolina Gonzalez

Thanks so much for your compliments – you are too sweet!

I’m glad to be on the “jewelry team” again – you can be sure I will be contributing regularly!

I had not noticed until your comment, but honestly, that bracelet I made for you really started Gypsy Deluxe! I’m so glad you like it! Another proof that, when something is made with love, real inspiration arises – and who would tell me while I was making it that I’d be in business again!

Great cards!
by: Tricia Dutton

Thanks for sharing your cards! I love the idea of using photos of your own pieces and changing those photos from time to time. It keeps your business fresh and new and exciting.

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