Gum Leaf Pendant

by Jim Osment.
(Brisbane Australia)


A while ago I posted pictures here of a maple leaf I made for a friend. My sister loved the pictures and urged me to make more leaves. She loves trees and suggested I try some gum leaves. Gum leaves (eucalyptus) are fairly iconic in Australia, not as much as Maple leaves to Canada, but certainly a popular theme for artists.

Well here is my first attempt at making gum leaves. It is a birthday present for my sister who frequently compliments and admires my work. I’m very happy with it and will likely be doing some more. One is copper and one is brass.

Jim Osment
Hammered Hearts


by: Irene

This is beautiful and so realistic looking!What a wonderful birthday present for your sister.

by: Line

I love the leaves. I love trees in jewelry just like your sister. she’s only lucky girl.

by: Lorraine/Wired Orchid

I love well done metal pieces. The leaves look very delicate which an interesting contrast to the metals. Beautifully done, Jim.

by: lynda

I too love the realistic look of these leaves and the varied colors. May I ask about your process for coloring the metal? Interested in learning more about this. Thanks so much.

Metal gum leaves
by: Rena

I agree with everyone above – your leaves look so realistic! These are gorgeous, and I love the color contrast. Also I like the intriguing bail you made for them.

Very lucky sister! 🙂

Thank you for sharing more of your creations with us, Jim!

by: Tracy May

OKay, I must have it! My husband is from Wollongong and although he wouldn’t wear jewllery(old school Aussie that he is), I would love to make him a key chain or similar….what other Australian specific items do you have.. I have been looking but everything is just massed produced elsewhwre!

Tracy May, Whimsy Jewellery Design, Canada

PS the maple leaves are indeed the recognizable Canadian , um, thing.

by: Delia

Your sister is a lucky girl. These are so lovely and very well done!

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